TTT Traitor/Decetive Menu

Anyone know what snippet of code would be modified to Customize the Traitor/Detective menus. Basically give it custom look/Colour

Most likely a part of the TTT code

Really? Are you sure? seems a bit far fetched to me…

look into this file:
everything you could possibly want to edit is in there.

No, Really!? I wouldnt have ever thought that.

I tried looking in cl_equip and cant find the right section. Ill just keep looking through it till I find it out, WhitePilot can come up with another witty reply.

Look from line 127 onwards, If editing colours is all you want to do, should be easy enough. Either way, everything you need to know, and everything you can change linked to the equip menu is in that file.


here’s what I’ve made for my server. It took about two hours of dedicated derma paneling. I did it entirely by editing the cl_equip.lua file. It’s very doable and takes only some time and dedication to learn how BKU did it.

Not necessarily what Im trying to do.


You… Moved a couple of panels around and changed their sizes… How did this take two hours? :expressionless:

I want it o.O

Better keep the default then have a,menu with 2x 128x128 buttons

Why would you want square buttons? ugly as hell, use the golden ration instead.

Well, at least it’s symmetrical.

Also, for some reason your custom weapons don’t have the little © button next to them.

You can make the © smaller and larger in the cl_equip so he can just make it 0 (default 16) and it dont show anything. There is also a place to write the weapons down so they wont show at custom on C menu (i cant remeber though)

First of all, it took me two hours because I didn’t know any derma at all when I started, so I had to learn that. On top of that, it’s set up fairly confusingly, especially considering nothing is really labeled so you just have to move it around and see what goes to what.

And yeah, I removed the © on my custom weps. He’s just drawing a tiny picture on the bottom right corner of each non-default weapon, you can simply comment out the logic for drawing that picture and boom - no more annoying little c on your weapons.