TTT Traitor Equipment Icon Missing Texture

Hi guys!

So I created my first SWEP, and it works amazingly! Only problem is that the icon for it is a missing texture. EVERYTHING is right. The file path is right, the text in the .vtf file is right, I’ve manually put the icon in the server files etc. I check my gmod folder’s downloads and the icon is there! But server side it won’t show up. Does anybody have any idea what is going on? There are no errors either.

SWEP.Icon 					= "materials/vgui/ttt/icon_mine_turtle"

if SERVER then

 "$basetexture" "vgui/ttt/icon_mine_turtle"
 "$vertexcolor" 1
 "$vertexalpha" 1
 "$translucent" 1

Bump. This is killing me!

SWEP.Icon shouldn’t have the “materials/” part, its implied

Oh sorry, I knew someone would say that. I’ve tried both with and without the materials part in the path. Thanks for replying anyway.

-snip- I can’t read

I posted both in my original post