TTT Traitor Pass (To make up for RDM)

I was wondering if anyone who actually knows what they’re doing (I obviously don’t) would be able to make something like this.

Most of the passes I’ve found are only available in the pointshop environment, which I don’t use because I like to keep TTT as close to vanilla as possible.

My idea (be it stupid or not) would be for admins to be able to give out RDM passes to people who have been killed unfairly, without the admin having to force it (in which case they’d know who at least one of the traitors are.)

My previous idea for this was to buy TTT Role Control, add the original point shop, and disable “Playing on the Server” points. I’d only give someone points for when they were clearly RDM’ed, allowing them to use the ticket any time they wanted. This however, still makes it so I’d have to have a pointshop on the server, even though I don’t need anything else from it.

Like I said, I have no idea what I’m doing, this was just something neat I thought of as a decent way to give justice to people who are wronged on TTT.

So, you want “tickets” that admins can give out to players, that will give the identity of a traitor to that player?

No, what I want is the ability for a player to “buy” a traitor round whenever they wish, but only when given a ticket by an admin because they were RDM’ed on one of their traitor rounds. There’s something that allows the purchase of traitor rounds on Scriptfodder, but it requires pointshop to work.

Basically. Player A is RDM’ed by Player B on their Traitor Round. Player B is punished by the admin, and Player A is given a ticket (by said admin) that can be used at their leisure to get a traitor round.

It seems like you’re asking for an inventory but you don’t want one. So what I thought of is getting a command based inventory for roles only, so you will need to type in a custom command to see players role and for the admin to give them to other players. This will need scripting if you want it to be vanilla.

I suggest you use pointshop with the traitor roles, and then change the pointshop commands to something custom so random players won’t find it so easily. Then when the admins give someone a traitor round etc. they will tell the player the command. Or just don’t do this and have pointshop on your server fully.

There is no need for a pointshop, this is a fairly simple code to make.
However, you are in the wrong section, use the Developer Discussion for this

My bad, it seemed like this would be the place to make a request, as the Sticky in that section directs me to Scriptfodder.

Don’t go on these forums expecting people to spoon feed you. Even if the code is 3 simple lines no one has a motive to work for you for free.
We will, however, help you create the code yourself (This one in particular is simple, but you’ll want to have basic gLua knowledge before asking for help