[TTT] Unbuyable playermodels in pointshop.

Alright, so lately I’ve (somehow) become the coder for a 24/7 TTT server. I really have no idea about LUA coding but so far I’ve been able to figure out most problems through trial and error or video tutorials. One problem still persists though… I can’t for the life of me add new items to the pointshop. This is true for ALL pointshop items, but this post focuses mainly on the playermodels.

However, the issue is not the usual one where they come up as errors in the pointshop… That’s working. The problem is that they cannot be bought. When someone tries to buy them, they get the usual “are you sure you want to buy this” popup, but clicking yes does nothing. Popup disappears, item remains unbought. No points are subtracted, no error is given. It is also worth nothing that two of the playermodels that were already in the server when I started playing are perfectly buyable (Alyx and Kleiner models, to be specific). In order to create the new one (Super combine) I merely copied one of those and changed the name and the file path to the model. Any ideas on how to fix this issue? Thanks in advance.

Did you restart the server after installing the models?

I did, yes. I’ve been working on this and other things for several days and the server has been restarted many times. Anyway if I hadn’t restarted the server it wouldn’t have shown up in the pointshop at all.

Well as it turns out, I figured out the problem myself: There were capital letters in the filenames. Wut. Well, shows how much I know about LUA coding. But at least it’s fixed now. Thanks anyway guys.