TTT Unlimited Punchometer

I had a script I found from somewhere that created a list like so:

local exempt

in prop_spec.lua - but after updating my server files this one was lost. It worked really well and was easy to update and I was wondering if anyone knew where I got it from?

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Found the script.

Here you go guys

Replace this with the last function in propspec_lua

local exempt = {

local propspec_retime = CreateConVar("ttt_spec_prop_rechargetime", "1")
function PROPSPEC.Recharge(ply)
   local pr = ply.propspec
   if pr.retime < CurTime() then
      pr.punches = math.min(pr.punches + 1, pr.max)
      ply:SetNWFloat("specpunches", pr.punches / pr.max)

      pr.retime = CurTime() + propspec_retime:GetFloat()
   if table.HasValue( exempt, ply:GetNWString( "usergroup" ) ) then pr.retime = CurTime() end