TTT Upgrade Perks

At long last, everyones favorite. Its here!

(I have been given full permission to upload this)

This is now a community project to fix with all of the Garrys Mod updates. Pull requests, issuies, they can all be filed. Tommy228 has permissions to accept & deny pull requests along with more permissions.

Lets all bring this addon back to life!

Github link:

Thank you very very much !!!

This is amazing! Thanks for posting this. I have one question: How do I add it to it’s own pointshop tab?

So is this some addon you want fixed and you are using the community to fix it for you? Or do you know how to code and will be participating in the fixing of this addon?

Seems like a grab for free labor, also doesn’t seem to fit in the Gamemode and Addon releases considering it is not even functional and you don’t seem to have the means to fix it.

Ill be doing the tiny fixes. I am not that big god coder but I will try to fix it up.

Yeah was kinda in a bad mood when I posted that, seemed unnecessary for me to say. Sorry about that. I have downloaded it and will try and see what I can fix on it when I have some time.

I don’t really see the problem with the post. It was a question.

I think I may have made the script compatible with the current pointshop script.

Testing it on my server, seems good so far. Will post with feedback and whatever later (if I remember).
Also out of sheer curiosity, what does the Drow Ranger do?

Drow ranger? I don’t know what you are talking about.

One of the upgrades under misc, the description is “Guess what this does”

Edit: Found out it is supposed to slow down the target but it may not work. I’ll look into it.

Edit 2: Slight exploit, when using the life steal perk if you have any weapons that do high amounts of damage (such as a 1 hit knife, awp, etc) users can get full health back. This includes things such as c4 but I cant think of a way to fix it with c4. To fix this for your server if you do have these types of weapons add a cap to the perk (for this example I’ve chosen 10hp back per damage dealt)

Change line 14 to this:

attacker:SetHealth(math.Clamp(attacker:Health() + math.Clamp(math.floor(damages/10), 0, 10), 0, 100))

Can’t believe I didn’t see that! Ill change it and if you already setup a pull request on github, ill push it.

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Commit pushed.

Yeah, I don’t have GitHub hence why I didn’t make a pull request.

Edit: Uhm, you added the fix to the wrong file. For whatever reason you added it to Drow Ranger when the fix was for damages/lifesteal.lua.

Opps :stuck_out_tongue:

Perks named after Dota heroes. What could go wrong?

[sp]Zeus ult perk time[/sp]

Don’t ask or tell me :stuck_out_tongue: Tell Tommy228

Alright, got GitHub and made a pull request fixing the original exploit and fixing your “fix” from a few days ago.

Pushed it.

I was tired when I tried fixing it and I must if edited the wrong file

Any possibility of this being compatible with PS2?