[TTT] Using Mezzokoko's Hitman TTT mod allow traitors to hunt other traitors.

Hi there, I’ve been messing around with the Gamemode and have been trying to set the number of Traitors to 0 (Not possible, as far as I know - it seems to force at least one) so I have resorted to trying to set all players to traitor and allow them to hunt one another, but I have there are some issues.

I would like to hide the [T] that shows above other T’s heads, so that cheating is not possible.

Adding a hook so that the round would only end once all but one player has died would also be a nice addition, but not as necessary as the end round debug cvar can be set.

TTT Hitman modification:

If anyone has any idea on how to do this, or if it has been done - let me know!


you can set all to innocent simple:

hook.Add("TTTBeginRound", "TTTBeginRoundForceInnocent", function()
	for k,ply in pairs(player.GetAll()) do
		ply:SetRole( ROLE_INNOCENT )

Not sure about the T showing, but for the round ending after all but one player dead, you would use the TTTCheckForWin hook.

Just so you know for the T above people’s head remove

render.DrawQuadEasy(pos, dir, 8, 8, indicator_col, 180)

Which can be found in “cl_targetid.lua”, not sure the line number but it’s in the function “GM:PostDrawTranslucentRenderables”

Thank you so much, I’m running this now.

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This is perfect, thank you very much - this has solved all my issues!

Again, thank you!

I love how 4 people rated my post dumb but it was the thing that he needed and no one from them didn’t give him good answer i guess that shows that they are dumb

Your “answer” just will end up with the round after traitors gets selected

well yeah of course that is not all the code that he has to use to make his event working, but i awnsered his question not gived him full code for his event lmao, he needs to make custom TTTCheckForWin that will end event wenn criterias are met if he didint do that allready

Which is what I told him to look into and I marked your answer dumb.

well first problem that he mentioned in post was that he cant set all players to innocent so i gave him answer how to do it after that all other problems where related to that first problem

Well, not unless I run the cvar ttt_debug_preventwin 1, which is what I’ve been using while I work on writing my own checkforwin hook.