TTT View Models not displaying

No error in console.log. Not sure what the problem is, all viewmodels are broken. Anyone else having this issue and is there a fix yet?

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All files are properly mounted.

Verify your server/clientside files. Works fine for me

Done, did not work.

Yeah I’ve been having this problem too. The guns sometimes appear and then disappear after a while. If you kill yourself and spawn, the weapon will return, but then it’ll disappear again…

This has something to do with Garry’s recent update I believe.

In addition, this affects every weapon including default ttt weapons.

The crowbar, magneto stick, grenades and others just disappear. I mean the only thing that is actually working correctly is holster… :v:

I’m having the same problem on my darkrp server. All weapons disappear after a few mins on the server, only “fix” i’ve found is the usual “record fix stop” but even after that they still disappear. This happens for all of the players, not just me. The server also seems to like to crash at random points in time for no reason whatsoever without any errors. Obviously none of this happened before the update.

Also happens for me on my Bunny Hop server. Weapons are fine, then all of a sudden they all go invisible.

I can go ahead and assume this was an update issue that does not affect one certain addon due to all the types of servers we are running here. Question, do any of you use HatsChat 2?

Same thing is happening to me.

It is an issue with the new Garry’s Mod update, xthenarwhalx, doesn’t mean it’s the developers’ fault though. Up to us to figure out what’s causing it and fix it on our side (most likely).

It’s occurring on many servers and it’s OUR fault? Obviously something they did broke it with a massively consistently used addon that causes this issue.

I’ve only been able to add up, with a few other servers compared to mine, ranging from DarkRP to TTT, HatsChat2 is the only addon that I’d have a CHANCE of having in common with ANY other server.

I didn’t say it’s anyone’s fault. The people developing Garry’s Mod now have to make changes sometimes that affect the functioning of existing code. You have to adjust your code to the new way things work.

Which is?

Add -condebug to server startup and check the generated console.log found in garrysmod/ and look for any errors. See what the error is, compare it with the recent changes, fix it. That’s what you were asking for right?

No errors found

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It’s not just my code, obviously. A shit ton of people have the same issue

Its not the fault of gmod developers that the makers of addons do not check the beta branch which to my understanding has been out for over a month. That means that addon makers have had over a month to check for errors.

oh and you can opt into the beta as well.

It’s not his addons btw. After going on and testing last night I’m also having this issue along with 2 other friends and we all have totally different addons. I’ll try on stock ttt when I get home tho.

You dense idiot. If it was just me having the issue, I’d blame my codes all day, but it’s not just me. It’s a problem with the update. READ OTHER COMMENTS BEFORE TALKING.

Instead of arguing could we find a solution?

I had to wipe my server clean to stop the issue. I thought I had it figured out by adding addons one by one, but I was wrong.

So here’s what I’ve done and what I’ve discovered:

  • NFO hosted server

  • Slowly added addons (ulx, ulib, tommys dmg logs) after a fresh wipe and they worked fine on Minecraft b5 until I switched maps, then the problem persisted

  • I was adding addons one after another, until I got to “Traitor Kills” and “Scoreboard Quick Commands” addons from coder hire so I figured they were the culprit considering they required me to adjust some vgui files, but even reverting to default files, and removing the files, the problem persisted.

  • I was just switching maps, and noticed that some maps were forcing the guns to disappear and some weren’t. Then I noticed a version of kakariko would work fine so i kept switching to other maps, and the glitch persisted. Meanwhile before round started, I would slay everyone (bots) and respawn whtm because I noticed a trend where that’s where the problem would immediately occur. So that would be my test to see if a map was in deed fucking up. Wasn’t consistent. Results inconclusive.

  • gun glitch would stay across multiple maps, and my addons were causing issues. As I’m typing this up I decided to completely wipe my addons. And try fresh with the default NFO ulx and ulib downloads. And it seems that’s it. I’ve been running custom ulx commands (some extra fun commands, utime, etc), and I haven’t seen the glitch yet. I think the ulx respawn command was causing the issue, although the problem would occur EVEN if I didn’t respawn players. So that can’t be the problem. But ONE of the ulx commands I was running had to have been the issue, so I will continue testing.

  • Now while I have significantly less commands to work with, I will slowly add my addons to see what causes the glitch. if nothing breaks, I will report back here. Fingers crossed.

*Before I submit this I’ve forced change a bunch of times (maps) and I don’t see the problem coming back. I’ll start adding addons and report back.



  • Along with additional ulx commands (respawn, prevwin, allowin, etc) I’ve noticed another addon cause the glitch: " Wyozi Tag Editor"
  • working so far:

update 3:

  • Narrowed down the list fairly well. The Steam collection I linked above works fine. I created a list of broken and working addons. Here’s working (see right side). Some of the addons on the left caused the glitch but I will be doing a 1 by 1 test for each. Here’s what’s in the _Broken folder (keep in mine there are only some ulx commands that break everything. I need to find out which because respawn, karma, and force are some useful commands for staff, And the scoreboard editor will need a revisiting as well.

Fairly certain it has to do with Tonmynators Damagelog

This is unrelated to the other issue, but I just started getting these erros:

  1. - randomly happened when map changed
  2. - the lower errors happen when I hold tab for the scoreboard. I have no idea why they happened all of a sudden.

I’ve been slowly adding addons, and I stopped until I just added TTT Bet. Now I can’t access my FTP and I started getting these errors. Need to access my FTP to see if I can remove this addon and resolve… hopefully.

Anyone know how to resolve these errors though? I’ve never seen them.