TTT VIP/Weapons

I am looking for someone to code 3 new weapons for the popular gamemode Trouble in Terror Town. These 3 weapons will be available to purchase through the TTT traitor and detective context menus only to VIPS, who will be designated by their Steam ID’s.

The weapons in question are subject to change…

  1. Mobile bomb. A weapon that fires at a player attaching an invisible bomb (targeting the player). The bomb is then detonated when the player is in a group with a 2 second delay during detonation, where the player is beaconed/beeping sound emited. The bomb power should be the force of a normal exploding barrel.

  2. Blind gun. A weapon that fires at a player (similar to the flare gun) that blinds the player for 3 seconds. Reload needed, 3 rounds.

  3. Mobile Traitor ID’er. A device that once a player has collected 3 ID samples can indicate whether a traitor is among the 3 surveyed. One use. (can buy as many as wanted)

I am willing to pay.

For more information or to discuss taking on the work please add db_bro_kai

They sound like alright ideas, except I think the mobile bomb would be a bit over powered as it would be invisible and no way to detect it until you get close and its too late.
Also the traitor ID’er I think also sounds overpowered, seen as on most TTT maps there is already a way to do so.

These are only a few brainstormed. The mobile ID’er is only one use and whilst being tested, unlike most test chambers the traitor would be free to strike back.

I was also thinking of a radar, displaying how many traitors are left. But that felt a bit underpowered as this can simply be worked out by a savy detective.

The mobile bomb, only has the power of the exploding barrel and so would most likely only kill one innocent.

Another traitor weapon I thought about would be fairly similar to the blind gun yet cause a player to start shooting uncontrollably for 3 seconds. Essentially causing mayhem and damage rather than death.

How much would you be willing to pay?