TTT VoteMap



yea some screenshots of this working would be nice

Why are there SQL queries if all you have to do is throw this in autorun?

As a map cooldown.

That means you need a SQL DB and I don’t see a connection made anywhere inside the file.

Its stored in sv.db

It is SQL lite not mysql. It creates a local sv.db file on the server.

Figured it out, this works great ill be using it on my server as it is way nicer then the one we cooked up when gmod 13 came out.

It’s got a great layout, it’s awesome when it displays all of the stuff at the end of the round. I did encounter a problem though, and it’s kind of hard to explain, because it gave me NO errors, sadly! So to start with, I did exactly what he said, I put the file into the server, in the lua/autorun folder. I then created the tttvotemap folder in the materials folder so that I could have the logos for each map.

It appears, at least to me, that it isn’t picking up the maps, and it won’t initiate it. It gets them from my ttt_mapcycle.txt, and lists them, but on the images it says “Map Missing” on all of them. I also assumed because of this, that the logos aren’t appearing, of which, I named each logo after the map name that it corresponds to.

I tested out a few things, such as adding .bsp to the end of each map name in the ttt_mapcycle.txt, and it made the server change the map, BUT that didn’t work. It’d just restart the server, sadly! At least it force changed the map though.

So basically, it’s causing this error where, at the end of the last round, it’ll pop the screen up, and you can vote and what not, the vote will end, it’ll choose the winner, then you just wait and it keeps delaying the round as it says “voting is still going on.” Or something along those lines. Like I said, no errors popping up, but it just sits there. So I’m assuming it’s not force changing to the level, and it’s not picking up that the maps exist in my archive, or at least, it’s not telling me they do. I’m sorry, I wish I had an error of it so I could be more helpful, but I hope all of this information helps, and possibly can get a fix for it, because I’d LOVE to use this on my server, it’s great otherwise!

Just need the names without .bsp (ttt_dolls.jpg), also make sure that it downloaded correctly on the client, I haven’t used this in over 2 months.

I tried this as well. I have my icons setup correctly. But the maps aren’t being recognized as existing on the server, and I think that is the main problem that is causing these errors.

The names show up, and I think that is attributed to the ttt_mapcycle.txt but on the boxes where the image WOULD be it says “Map Missing.” And I think that is why the map isn’t being force changed, because it doesn’t know what to change it to.

I’m thinking maybe that it doesn’t know where the maps are located. I dunno. Trying to think of things that would cause this kind of problem. If you’d like, I can record a video of it.

I too am having issues, each map has Map Missing. I think this is because the map cycle .txt has been shifted to the main directory. Also my rounds don’t end as it constantly adds an extra 30 seconds onto the round.