TTT vs Deathrun?

What do you guys prefer, Deathrun or TTT?

why do people always ask these inane questions? ttt vs darkrp, ttt vs deathrun, darkrp vs perp. they’re two completely different gamemodes with two completely different play styles.

People prefer one over the other and I want to do what the community likes more

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It’s dumb because people prefer to play one over the other? lol

Are you just running a thread for personal opinions?
I would definitely say TTT has the potential to be far more engaging and entertaining, but this potential is hard to unlock when servers must have an administrator in-place at all times due to issues such as RDM. Deathrun on the other hand requires 0 administration, making it my choice.

Prior to the downfall of my community before the relaunch we had basically all the main gamemodes aside from DarkRP and they were successful but TTT is by far the hardest to keep up…

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Also yes, I want personal opinions from people that play gmod

TTT is actually the EASIEST to keep up. It’s the hardest to monetize. Once you’ve tweaked your weapons to not be shit (I’m looking at you BadKing) and to not use dodgy anims that have even dodgier hitboxes (looking at you generic idle anim and shotgun anim), loaded in your map, tweaked karma settings to effectively fuck off people who mass deathmatch, and have a nice voting addon in place, its literally set and forget.

Well I’ve spent $180 on scripts for TTT and such and edited them to our communities liking but it doesn’t seem to work like I would hope, but the old community is asking for Deathrun so I wanted some opinions before I changed anything

I think TTT has more content in it for lasting appeal - could never manage more than a few games of Deathrun at once

Indeed. There are more ways for you to laugh at your friends stabbing you in the back in TTT than there is in Deathrun, not to mention that TTT has the added bonus of not knowing who it is that’s going to stab you in the back.

I mean… try and tell me you don’t find it funny when you and your best friend barricade yourselves into a room at the start of the match, going on about how you will work diligently to ensure each others survival, only to have one of you become the Traitor.

yes, it’s a dumb question. do you WANT to run a ttt server or a darkrp server and change gmod for the better? or are you just picking the best one to maximise profits and use scriptfodder addons? if your answer is maximising profits you shouldn’t be running a server. (and that’s coming from a big server man)

As a small server man, I am deeply offended by some of what you said. I took the time to bold the triggering words for you. :v:

“you and your best friend”

You know that there is no such thing as teaming in TTT? It’s all about not trusting each other because one is a traitor and having a friend playing with you could just be ghosting too

I’m painfully aware of that dude. You do realise that outside of the game, the person who just betrayed you could be your best friend, which makes it so much more funny when it turns out to be the last person you’d expect. Especially when said person uses the trust earned outside of the game to toy with your head in the game.

Love that some people can actually be straight forward and state THEIR opinions like I asked!