TTT Weapon Ideas

Was just thinking, what is it someone really expects from a TTT server, I know what I expect, a good community and uber awesome weapons, am I right?

I own a server on TTT and I’m afraid, my idea’s alone are pretty lame, I do need help with idea’s and balancing stuff out evenly so things aren’t overpowered and what not.

Well, I’d like you, the players - to give me some idea’s, which I could implement, I already have quite a few weapons but if we can get a whole load of them made by our community lua coder, then vote to keep the top 10 ten, that would good indeed.

Okay, so

Think of weapons for both; Traitor and Detective.

These are what we have already -

Cheers, Chuck.

umm maybe a radio disguise for traitors when traitor uses this he can talk a few words as someone else for example:

“Awesome traitor uses radio disguiser”

Detective borno (that genious awesome traitor) : ITS THAT GUY KILL EM

Every one kills that guy.

And what?


yeah and maybe after traitor uses it the person it was used on will be muted for a minute or so

I actually like that idea, though it should only be used max 3 times a minute or something, so it isn’t OP.

exacly what i mean

How about a knife thaat throws farther and faster, however, only does half of a survivors health, useful for finishing someone off, not so good for random assassinations.

If you throw knives at all you are playing it wrong :v:

Stealth and deception ftw.

Better to just use a gun in that case

Detective (Radio message): Its him! Get him!
Detective (Normal): WAIT NO DON’T, THAT’S THE RADIO.

Yeah, not that hard. Maybe if the detective was muted for about 30 seconds.


Sorry, didn’t quite understand the post till i re-read it.


Dead body disguises: Traitor weapon

MAke the dead body look like any player on the server for a customizable amount of time.

Pros: you disguise the body as yourself (your the traitor) and everybody thinks your dead.

Cons: traitors have to remain completely still and use it on an unidentified corpse And if a detective DNA scans the body is automatically undisguised.

Bear trap: Traitor weapon

Traitor can place a bear trap which is invisible until stepped upon then it makes a loud metal noise.

Pros: OP for sniping and knife traps.

Cons: if they are shot they break and are a one time use. Detectives can see them but ONLY BARELY.


Fake death for the traitor?
The traitor makes selections of how he wants to “die” and then “dies” and is able to wake up any time he wants.

I think this idea should be more like the Dead Ringer from TF2; the traitor will wake up after a specified period of time.

The weapons from “Clue” of course!

lead pipe

Weapon reskins are fine, but adding new weapons unbalances the game. The game is not made for deathmatching.

This should have been done a while ago…