TTT Weapon Pack

I did not make any of these mods just to not that I have no idea who the creators are but some of the mods will have there credits
I am not claiming any of these weapons as mine
Some of them have already been posted but have been missing files which I search everywhere to find them and get them fixed
There should be nothing missing in these Files


I already added a resource.addFile
So no need to add it

Disguised M16
Disguised Shotgun
Drilldo for Detective
Riot Shield



If I missed the owner of the mod then please tell me
Riotshield - SovietX;u=7613
Tripmine - |TTN| Eccid
Mp7 - Chrisgemmo
If anyone knows any of the owners of these mods please leave a comment so I can edit this

We used to have the Riot Shield and then it just randomly broke. Do you know if this one definitely works?

Define what you mean broke?

I dunno, honestly. Like, it just wouldn’t do anything and all bullets went through. Maybe someone messed with ours.

Appreciate the links, anyway!

Well on our server we never used the Riotshield but I’ll look into it

Did you look into it, I have the exact same riotshield and it only works when you drop it – Which makes it float and block bullets … Not the best thing to waste credits on lol.

:open_mouth: I thought my shotgun got forgotten about :D.

Why would you bump this 3 month old topic seriously.

What the fuck why would you release this if none of the shit is yours

WHY DO YOU KEEP BUMPING… Look at the release date… Jezz… -.- Let it die!

Sounds exactly like the server is missing the riot shield’s model to me.

I have a problem with this. The detective cant buy the drilldo.

I have an issue,the detective cant buy it,it shows up in the shop w/ missing textures and when you purchase it nothing happens,nor can i give it via console