TTT Weapons - add.SoundFile Issue

Adding new sound files for all my TTT weapons. This also includes suppressed as well.

The lua for the sound is in autorun.

	name = "m4a1s.Silenced",
	channel = CHAN_WEAPON,
	volume = 1,
	level = 25
	sound = ("weapons/1197/m4a1-1.wav")


SWEP.FireSound = Sound("weapons/1197/m16.wav")
SWEP.FireSoundSuppressed = Sound("m4a1s.Single")

I only need to add the suppressed sounds so I can edit the level. When I shoot, it doesn’t play any sound at all though.

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Dunno if it’s a problem, but your level is missing a comma at the end, which probably means the next line with the sound path isn’t being parsed.

Added the comma in, still no sound. Can play the sound file through ULX.

	name = "Dragon_Elite.Elite_leftclipin",
	channel = CHAN_WEAPON,
	volume = 1.0,
	sound = "weapons/dragon_elites/leftclipin.wav"

That’s code from another SWEP that is in TTT.

This is from the wiki regarding file paths:

I don’t know what the issue is. The file path must be broken.

Got it to work.

Sound = “xyz.wav” didn’t need parenthesis. Also put it in the weapon file itself, it didn’t work in the lua/autorun folder.