TTT Weird Console errors

Hey ,

I get this weird errors in my SteamCMD console , i was wondering if i can fix this

if anyone can help that will be really helpful .

Here is Error 1 :

[ERROR] addons/utime/lua/autorun/cl_utime.lua:310: attempt to index local 'cpane
l' (a nil value)
  1. buildCP - addons/utime/lua/autorun/cl_utime.lua:310
   2. resetCvars - addons/utime/lua/autorun/cl_utime.lua:305
    3. fn - addons/utime/lua/autorun/cl_utime.lua:334
     4. unknown - addons/ulib/lua/ulib/shared/hook.lua:110

Here is Error 2 :

controlpanel.Get() - Error creating a ControlPanel!
You're calling this function too early! Call it in a hook!

Seems like the addon causing it is utime. Where did you get utime from? And do you have ULX installed?

Yes i do , i got both Utime & ULX from Github .

You know the fix maybe ? got both latest ULX and UTime from github .

It happens to me sometimes to. Never really cared though.

Doing some research some people say it has to do something with the gmod spawn menu or something?

Does this error only come when a new player joins your server?

TTT doesn’t use the spawn menu and isn’t derived from sandbox so there isn’t a spawn menu. It has to do with utime, posting on the utime GitHub would get you more help since the creators are always checking up on it there.