[TTT] Why you guys hate propkill so much?

I’ve been playing TTT for years, and I saw that 1 in 2 servers forbids propkill. Personally, I like propkill and I use the magnetostick as a weapon like I would use fire weapons, not to rdm but to play the game. But a lot of people really hate it and the simple idea of a server with propkill disgusts them. So, I don’t know why you guys don’t like it, I think it’s other way to play the game and it’s fun to try some times play a round using a chair instead of a gun.

i mean, its only annoying when its rdm
when its a traitor killing an innocent, then its fine

Yeah, I think the same, but people simply forbid it instead of treating it as a normal weapon. And you can rdm with EVERYTHING, you can even rdm people with your own body xd.

I didn’t mind prop killing as long as the RDM had a consequence. When you have some servers that don’t register prop killing as a player killing player then it was chaos, Mass RDM with prop kill and you would get away with it, that’s what so many people hated.

If a server had a semi decent auto-RDM-management script, then prop killing should be a fun slap on the wrist. I welcome prop killing so long as there is balance in order.