TTT: Zed time change key?

How can i change the key in zedtime from phys gun to a key on your keyboard? I tried replaced phys_gun with h but it doesnt work, instead its moved to D, the right walking key.

hook.Add(“PlayerBindPress”, “PlayerBindPressZedTime”, function(ply,key,pressed)
if string.find(string.lower(key), “h”) and pressed then

Player bind press doesn’t get called when a key is pressed, it is called when a console command is executed by pressing a key.

You might want to try

Oh, and by the way, this section is not for coding Help & Support, this one is:

Oh. Thanks, ill be sure to post it there instead next time

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Not working i replaced h with KEY_E and when i press e, nothing happens

can somebody help me out? :downs: