Well first off if there’s a ttt server please direct me too it. Well i want to make a little ttt map just something my friends and i would play and if its really good i may give it an official release, as if anyone would get it, anyway i want to know if i can make a map for ttt off of counter strike material alone and if not i’m having trouble makeing configurations for ttt the site helped me a bit but my problem is i cannot install it properly is there any tutorials that are super spicific as to what you do.

If it matters I set the directory to the terrorist thin in game modes but no info.txt and also in the instance that there is an info.txt i still don’t have all the css textures,etc, though i could just copy them it sounds like alot of unneeded work, i know im not doing something right. I’ve made maps never have I ever had to edit configurations to do so.

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Think that’s about it.

unrelated but i would LOVE to see ttt turn into an actual mod at some point!!! not just a gamemode that uses css assets. a full game with its own assets, sounds, and characters! and some of the most popular ttt maps reworked to fit within the game’s art style. i’m thinking something like bloody good time but more retro.

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alright thanks