So, I finally got my TTT server to work fine with only a few problems, maybe you guys can help.

  1. Maps. I can’t figure out how to get a rotation going, it just loads the same map over and over and over again. I put maps in the maps folder and can load them manually but it resets the server, kicking everybody. Very inconvenient.

  2. I tried to load ULX onto my server, and i got an error about a missing init.lua file or something. Any ideas?

  3. Can someone point me in the direction of a points shop addon, and also an end of round music addon?

  4. Jihads, how to enable?

Thanks ahead of time for any help I can get, my first garry’s mod server ever.

With the Mapcycle thing I recommend putting a txt file named mapcycle.txt in the root folder of your server.(you know where all the directories is). Put the name of all the maps (without .bsp) in that file.

With ULX I’m not sure. I had at autoinstaller do it for me.

PointShop can be found here: End Round Music can be found somewhere on Steam Workshop and

Jihads are also on They need converting to work with TTT though. See

Root folder as in c:\srcds\orangebox or c:\srcds\orangebox\garrysmod?
I’ll try the other stuff too, thanks a ton man.


jihad and other stoof

Where do I put all of those weapons files?


And the models just goes where?


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also for ulx go to : Ulx.

I’ve downloaded ULX but I cant get it to run, let me install it again and I’ll give you the error…

Also for the map rotation, where do I put that? You can read a few posts up to see what I mean

Click here and add me on steam. i will talk you through everything you need

Okay, so I tried to install ULX, ULib, and the pointshop and extras and got kicked for too many LUA errors… I wanna say its because my console says “Cant load workshop.vdf”…
Getting lots of LUA errors in console about missing stuff, its like a cyan text if that helps

You’ve gotta use the SVN links
(won’t work in browser, you have to use an SVN client)

Issues have been sorted, just finished helping him