My Question is, if it’s possible to “hide” the rank ,when you press Tab to see the player list.

So yea basicly I’d like something like !Vanish or whatever that basicly hides that you’re a staff member and you pop up as a normal player on the TAB/list of players.
Mostly because people target you as a staff but also people either hide that they are trolls when they see staff or they target the staff too troll them (first one are the most common one).

Also it would mean you could relate to people more, they won’t be as “Shit if I kill this guy I’ll get banned because he’s an admin”, people tend to allow staff to either get away with murder because they arent sure of what happened. Or they’ll shoot them becuase they’re staff, either way it’s annoying because my rank actually effects the gameplay. It’s just a small thing and by having something like !vanish/!unvanish that would hide your rank could change the outcome of things completly. of course this would only be usable by Moderators/Admins (and higher ranks). But staff should be able to see other staff as well, so it’s only hidden for regulars and users (I mean cmon regulars know the staff anyway so not exactly needed, and they don’t RDM).

It’s just annoying because ever since I got into staff I’ve been treated diffrently when I don’t want to. Being staff shouldnt change the way people look at me, I’m still Ocelot and I always will be, just because I got the power to punish people who does’nt follow the rules it does’nt mean I want people to fear me… Even when I’m just spectating or I’m dead people are like “No don’t do that Ocelot will slay you”. They shouldnt feel force to not do things just because I’m there, Sure if it’s against the rules then fine I’ll punish them for doing something. But a lot of people hide their true nature when Staff/admins are online and I don’t want that. This would mean that we in the staff actually could blend in and catch even more people and if anyone want to tell active staff anything, they could just do @ [Message].

Just a minor thing that bugs me…

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