I am new to mods in Gmod, basically i downloaded TTT game mode and when i entered an online game everything was purple boxes and red error things, is there a base pack that i need for other game modes to work ?

You need mainly CS:S. Though I advise you to also get Half-lie 2: Episode 2!

So like buy them off of steam ?


Thanks man!

TTT is included in GMod by default now anyway.

Yeah, I thought they were getting achieves for TTT and DAA, I wonder when they’re getting implemented

and why download TTT

TTT is included with gmod by default


I use the SVN of TTT. am i a pirate? No. I like updates and not waiting on valve.

I was replying to OP.

It doesn’t show the gamemodes you get with Gmod in the Gamemodes folder (well, for me anyway.),so he probably just thought he didn’t have it.

Exactly i did not know if i had it or not, apparently i do ? But i still had big red errors and pink and black checkerboard on everything, this means i need css at least correct?

You need to play CSS and EP2 first

you dont need EP2.


CS:S i’d say is the most used game in Garry’s Mod, its always nice to have.

Svn link please

I would say this thread was over past the 4th or 5th post! -_-