It’s a map I made for my own server. It does not have a specific theme an is currently untextured using dev textures. C&C would be awesome.

A few things I ask. If you are going to critique the gameplay, please play the map first. I realize it untextured currently. I may or may not texture it in the future but I believe a map is better when the design of the map is interesting enough to look good, then textures just make it better. Also dev stuff takes me back to gg and I am quite fond of it.

After death fun. You come out of the eye of the dam into the world.

I am still changing the map often and not quite ready to release it as stable.
If you wish to try the map it is in the server map rotation for the server below.

This map is very fun to play on, and well done. It even looks good with just the dev textures. Gives it a certain look.

With the jpg quality drop it’s hard to tell but the map looks soft and clean with these textures.

Hey can I have permission to texture it?

Next lets compare penises.

Possibly, if you have some good examples of your work I might hand it off.

Ok ill post some

Anyway, this map it doesn’t look like a town in my opinion but cool map.

Kind of a good point. What should I rename it?

Rename it ttt_swag_village :smiley:
or ttt_village if not made already. After texturing is done it will look like a village

I thought this was a GunGame map for CSS, looks like you just tweaked it abit.

I just about jizzed my pants when I thought about what this would look like textured.

This would make a really shitty gg map.

Just because of this. I will texture it for the final.

as for theme, I think a prison camp in a desert could be interesting. as that is what seems the fit the geometry. map looks nice, I’d keep the lighting as well.

I did I believe my last update before texturing it. Everything seems to be fixed.
Interesting idea. I was thinking more tropical beach but sand the same. Maybe ill mix the two and have guantanamo bay.

I am open to suggestions as far as textures go.

You could go for a Mexican hacienda look.

I’m saying don’t texture it. I think it looks fine as it is.
I really enjoyed this map, tons of walkable space and climbing. If gmod players were birds this is shiny ribbon.