the newest iteration of the schoolday ttt map if anybodies even heard of that one, makes enough changes to warrant a new version and both could be classed as seperate maps

made for ttt server
they’re already running it if you want to test it out
server ip:

workshop link and more screenshots
gamebanana link and more screenshots
map filesize was too big for sorry

don’t even know if i should have posted this here but i guess someone will tell me soon enough

It looks quite good, work on your lighting (it’s very white and bland) and brushwork. The map looks very square and boxed in, without giving the illusion of a world beyond the boundaries. Also, some of the geometry is unrealistic and unlikely to happen. You seem to understand displacements, though. The houses at the back (not the skybox models, the brush-based ones) look like you might have just taken them from one of the SDK HL2 maps, though that just be me confusing them because of the textures.

…Actually, those are also skybox models.

It looks pretty good, but I feel as though the skybox is way too cluttered, you might need to clear out a few buildings. Those roofs also seem pretty flat and sparse in detail as well, you might need to work on those.

oh, i expected them to be enterable buildings. you shouldn’t have skybox models so close to the map boundaries like that.

how are they too close, theres a rather high brick wall, grass then a road and no way out of the confines of the school other than jumping the walls which you can’t do due to the player clip, its a ttt map, based around a school, its kind of obvious only the school compound would be accessible, shows you didnt really look around the map, the buildings closest are skybox models yes, the further away skyscrapers are brushwork, details, not from sdk hl2 maps

also im curious of where theres unrealistic geometry, do tell, only one i could think of is possible the pool building roof

it doesn’t seem real. it’s totally boxed in by the skyscrapers, making the boundaries look very enclosed. use creative ways to block parts of the map off rather than just high brick walls. i don’t have the time to inspect every map when i can just look at a screenshot and judge it. don’t act as if i’m trying to call your map bad or anything, it’s purely just criticism.

Not really fair criticism if you’re just basing it off a screenshot and nothing more :v:
Though, you’re not expected to “inspect” every map and pass judgement?

I’m not judging it though. I’m offering advice on how to help based on the screenshot alone. You can’t expect me to download and inspect every map, no. The screenshot(s) in the release OP should portray the map well, you can’t expect every game release to say “well the trailers and screenshots aren’t good so download it and see if you like it”, the screenshots should really sell it well. This screenshot shows a lot of the map, minus interiors, and that’s enough to base some criticism on. I’m purely trying to help him improve.

To have a school compound surrounded by high buildings looks weird. TCB is right when he says that it looks boxed in, it does. The screenshot makes it look like there are towerblocks tight on every side.

you realise if youd have clicked either links youd have gotten another 10 screenshots right? don’t jump the gun and critique a map if you havent even played it, fair enough to crit screenshots on a download site but i want constructive criticism from people who have played it, not “this one screenshot shows me this”, that screenshot shows barely half the map by the way, anyway, moving on

i don’t often play the maps that are released, i give criticism based on screenshots, and most usually take and acknowledge it. it’s fine to criticize a map without playing it, the point of screenshots is to show the map off. you can’t say “there are more screenshots if you go to that link” and then say “that screenshot barely shows the map”, there is no reason for you not to include those images in the op.

Welcome to the UK, where schools like these exist within cities :v:.

I honestly think it looks fine. Much better than having grassy hills outside the skybox. The sewer area needs some work though. It’s very underdetailed.

Other than that, it looks pretty solid to me, except for the cafeteria’s lighting looking a bit bland to me. Good job on this map so far, it just needs some touching up to make it look better.

I always thought this map was very small. It always ends up with people gathering on the grass… how many people play on the server that you made it for? The server I visit has 15-30 players.

If people congregate outside on the grass consider adding a sniper rifle to the roof, people will be more inclined to hide inside.

I really dislike the color pattern of this map

I live in the uk. Schools often mimic their surroundings, having been built at a similar time. So victorian style schools are in older areas that didn’t get hit by bombs during the second world war. I haven’t yet seen an original school that looked plonked there by soome alien overlords.