Hello all. This is a map which I actually released way back in August, but I was unsure as to whether it was acceptable(?) to release a ttt map here and I sort of forgot about it - until now. Anyway, heregoes’…

What I had in mind with this map was it being fairly small and crampt - though the total area has pretty much doubled in size since the time I originally typed up most of this description. However, there are some good spots for hiding c4 that would yield efficient results. There’s a toxic pit, deadly falls, an elevator, stairwells, grass, gravel, train cars, pipes, vents, hallways, masonry, windows, a few breakable lights, boxes and a concrete(?) grinder which grinds other things just the same…
The weapons are mostly dispersed throughout the map. It’s not a map to get lost in so finding them is pretty easy. As I said before, not a huge map, but in my mind, not a painfully small map either. Suited for 16-24 players.

Download ttt_BlueSky_V3

There are a few issues which I have been made aware of, and these include but may not be limited to:

  • “The fucking CSS ladders.”
  • One of the player spawns causes player to become one with a pipe.
  • I think someone mentioned them spawning at the map’s origin, but I think this was in issue with the previous version.
  • One minor exploit.
  • Elevator can be blocked, but a staircase wraps around it, and you could probably use the exercise anyway. ( It’s actually been calculated that you can go down the stairs faster than the elevator does, which is kind of a novelty in the first place)
  • A few guns float when “dropped”
  • Zanarias ( this is a personal grievance, nothing to worry about)

Here is proof that this map is real.

Some images may lack cubemaps, and some may be a tad outdated. hide your children.

Looking good, will probably upload it to my TTT.

One of the best maps I’ve seen in a while

Thank you.

Very nice work, downloading it.

I played this on pubgamer a while back. With the name bluesky in mind, I was expecting either ELO or a happy map.

But it was a sad hobo map. :smith:

It was great nonetheless. Very detailed.

The lighting could use some work.

Reminds me a little bit of de_rotterdam

I feel like it wasn’t one mapper who made this…
Different areas feel like different styles of mapping.

Thanks. I think. Also, I agree with the lighting being kind of bad. I wasn’t super happy with it - and i’m a little unsure whether this make any sense - cause I may rushed a bit to get V3 released since it had so drastically changed the map as a whole.