I renamed it to ttt_frontline from ttt_breakingpoint. Facepunch just refuses to change the title.

Concept: Map based on Episode 6 and 7 of Band of Brothers, trying to replicate the threat and environment of constant enemy artillery barrages.


  • Traitor Trap: Calling in an artillery strike on the entirety of the map, forcing all players to seek cover for its duration
    - Fully decked out system, complete with lights, sprites, dust, and other effects to make it as realistic as possible
  • Dense smoke and fog limit visibility
  • Winter forest environment, dense foliage and foxhole-ridden ground
  • Two bunkers
  • Two destroyed structures, a barn and a single home
  • Traitor Tester
    -Requires two batteries extra to turn on
  • Some custom textures and models

The traitors call in the artillery strike from four radios positioned around the map. There is a sound that is heard when used, so make sure that no innocent is around you when you do it! It is a traitor-only button.
The point of the barrage isn’t necessarily to get kills, but rather to force the Innocents into cover. Some of them might be caught out in the open and forced to seek shelter in a foxhole. One that you, as a traitor, can follow them into. And let me tell you, you can’t hear much during a prolonged explosion-fest.
The radios reset after about 3-4 minutes after being pressed.

Intro Video:


Steam Workshop Link: TBA
Dropbox Link:

If anyone puts the Dropbox beta version on their server, let me know how it runs/msg me the IP so I can come check it out!

Nice map man, it’s really good for the time put in. One suggestion, make sure the snowfall isn’t too heavy, it can get annoying very quickly.

I would recommend upping the brightness a little on your light_environment as well as adjusting the fog to make it less dense.

Just skimming through those images I almost thought that they were underwater with how dark everything was, the look of the snow and how oppressive the fog is.

I imagine that would also make it ridic easy for the traitor to ambush people and hide bodies, unless that’s what you were going for.

To be honest I wanted it darker. It’s set in the middle of the forest in the dead of night, the only reason it’s as bright as it is now is for the sake of gameplay. I used a skybox with a bright moon to give it some authenticity.

The fog is supposed to be that dense to signify the whole “constant shelling” environment. It’s all the dust and smoke that it’s in the air from the explosions.

For reference, here’s some stills from the show that I used.

I did tone the fog back just a little, but as of now, for the sake of optimization, it has to be that dense. Source really hates wide open areas :\

Updated the name and uploading a video to showcase.

So I’m running this map out to you folks to run and see if there are any bugs or not. Let me know how it plays if any of you are server owners, and definitely hmu with an IP so I can come check it out as well!

Dropbox link:

Updated and released as the first version. Also renamed it to ttt_frontline_b1 despite Facepunch’s inability to update the title of the post.

I’ll check it out, though be warned Dropbox is going to kill off public links.

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Aight, just a couple suggestions:

I’d recommend playerclipping all these doorways:

Just to make movement around them less prone to getting stuck.

I also think setting the fog start distance at something like 16-32 units would help things ‘pop’ instead of having the constant blue tinge to everything.

Quite a few missing textures, such as on the trees, inside the bunker and assorted other places (Just the some of the trees for me as I have episode 2 but for others on my server they were missing much more)