ttt_castle_2011 V3 -

This is the final release. There will be no more future versions unless there is some massive game-breaking bug or something like that.

Version 3 contains:

  • Two different maps, a day and a night version.
  • Much more optimization for higher FPS
  • Cubemaps (shiny reflections!)
  • An innocent objective
  • Another deathtrap
  • A more medieval theme

Here’s how the innocent objective works:

Once somebody has died in each of the three deathtraps, a closed off area underground opens up. Inside there is a key. Take the key to the outside gate, and the gate opens and the innocents win.

Have fun! Feel free to host this map on your TTT server, use it for machinimas, or just have a good time!

Please tell me what you think.


Wow, nobody is even going to comment?

Yes we don’t like it. just kidding!

On the screenshots it looks good but i guess it needs more medieval style. Some more details on the walls like shields,swords etc.
Also on those windows more detail.
HL2 textures are not really medieval but overall it looks good.

Different stone texture, please.

Guys keep in mind, this was my first map and it had a load of problems when I first released it. I appreciate constructive criticism but i’m not working on this anymore.

Yeah, it’s kinda bland but it’s still fun to play on.

My next map (ttt_plaza) will blow you away though :stuck_out_tongue:

not bad but still needs more work with textures some details like swords shields etc. watch some maps from games like age of chivalry or pirates vikings knights maps and u will know what i mean

This looks really nice, nighttime mode looks really spooky! Can I ask you to PM the server IP that you were testing your map on in your video (the plaza one), thanks!

Sure thing, but why didn’t you post this in the thread about plaza?

The shape of the castle is nice, but the blending on the displacements are ugly. You need to use smaller displacements to be able to make your alpha more detailed and if possible use a blendmodulate for the transition.

The interiors are extremely bland while there was really a lot of possibilities to detail your map much more. It’s pretty much the common average mapper mistakes that are shown here, such as the ceilings left undetailed. It’s nothing that affects the gameplay for a TTT map, but it surely won’t make your map a must play.

Note that using a stone wall texture for floor is a really bad idea unless you know how to use it.
But good job anyways, for a first map you’ve done very well.

It looks great in the night-time

Played this (or maybe an earlier version of it) in TTT and I didn’t enjoy it. (it was the daytime one)

The whole layout wasn’t very fun for TTT, it’s hard to be specific about exactly I disliked about it though.

All I know is that whenever the map came on everyone on the server immediately voted to change maps.

Personally I’m not fond at all of the random deathtraps that kill both Innocents and Traitors, there’s no real reason for them to exist.

if you cant explain to the map maker what was wrong with the map you shouldnt say anything at all. youre basically saying “just trust me, this map is bad, other people think so too”