Please note updates will be slower since I have school, and not nearly as much time as I did for mapping unfortunately. Most work will be done on the weekends if I have time.

The map is going to be based off a scene in cloverfield in which there are 2 skyscrapers, one was originally going to be leaned against the other.

Source can’t handle that many off-grid brushes, though, and it would take ages to build a building designed sideways. So I’m just doing 2 skyscrapers and broken beams between them.

I’m almost done with the first building.

** This map is being dedicated to TNS-Gaming **

Update 1:

I’m not going to show you the outside quite yet, infact it may be the last thing you see. The entire building will have to be done first.

Big images incoming

Update 2:


More of 1st floor:

Update 3:

Working on second floor still.

Update 4: Second level is done.

I just watched that recently. Also, the map does not look that bad for a TTT Map.

The lighting looks off for some reason.
Looks good though.

The tilted building would make the map 10x cooler.

Also cubemaps. I’m referring to the one image with the pool table.

Yeah well most of these are quick compiles to test lighting and soundscapes.

Not really going to bother with cubemaps every compile.

Also, I’m revamping some of the lighting. I agree that in some spots it seems a little off.

Changed lighting in most of the map:

Current outside (No third floor yet)