B2 Now Available, VIA Toybox or

Finished my 4th TTT map. *Current lineup I’ve created: ttt_shippingcenter, ttt_digdown, ttt_concentration, new ttt_cloverfield

This is beta 1 of the map. *Hope you guys enjoy. A lot of hard work went into this map.



Looks a little… Dark?

I tested it and it’s quite bright. Also, flashlight is invented and darkness is cool.

Even if it is dark, isn’t Cloverfield like very dark anyway? I couldn’t see shit the entire movie.

Wow nice. I need to see the movie again.

That movie was terrible. This map however, is very nice.

Damn, you need to turn the lights down a lot! I’m fucking blinded man!



fullbright hax

Keep in mind people, the white background etc on your screen makes it even harder to see. It probably doesn’t appear to be as hard to see, in game, full screen.

Tested the map with a couple of friends ( 4 people ) in TTT, It can get boring and everything looks the same. I am considering taking it down.


But I do have a question for the mapper, How did you end up adding the downward fade to the buildings in the skybox.

Well I’m sorry to hear that you don’t like the map. I tried to make each room look different, but I can’t please everyone.

Also, the downward fade is a simple custom texture. Black gradient to transparent, since fog doesn’t work downwards I did it that way.

It’s just that texture in front of the building line.

All you need is a shakecam script and you can pretty much remake Cloverfield now.

I decided to keep it. It is just a little dark/not very interesting. But I like your series of TTT maps so meh, I’m sure someone else will enjoy it. Anyways mapping king for you.

Dont forget proper prop usage (or a clover model)

Put a Vortigaunt in the 3D skybox.

B2 now available via toybox or