-Please give feedback and suggestions on how to improve the map navigational and objective-wise, anything missing or broken, additional features, etc.-

Current version: ttt_construction_v3
Released on: May 27, 2013


As the name suggests, the map is set in a construction area. The building has 3 stories and a construction lot area that’s accessible to the players. It’s fairly large with plenty of open spaces and ways to navigate between each level. Since HL2 and CSS has limited content that didn’t suit the map style, it primarily uses a set of custom textures I found from CGTextures. The map will not have a traitor tester but instead it’ll have an objective for the innocents. A group of terrorists are attempting to blow up the construction site and to do this they have to find explosives and place them in random areas of the map. Traitors can stop them by killing everyone or destroying the explosives.



it’s a bit blocky and underdetailed and your lighting could be less bland, but overall it’s pretty good so far. try to improve your brushwork and detailing, some areas look repeated and empty.

This looks perfect for an SFM set!

Better than I’m motivated to do.

It looks pretty cool, work on the textures though.