----- TTT_Cruise -----

This is a map, made by me, Trumavarium. I’ve been working on this map for not such a long time actually. Although I started on it almost a year ago. I recently started on it again in dedication for


This map includes:

  • Swimming pool
  • Jazz lounge
  • Gaming hall
  • Multiple cabins
  • Shops
  • And some other random stuff…

Glitches I know about, at this point, is that the main skybox and the 3D-skybox collides very roughly by the water. I think you all will notice it. I also know some other bugs, but they won’t ruin the gameplay at all. I did this map in general, for the design and realism.

I hope people will download this map even though the file size is quite big. Why it is big is because I’ve used 100% custom textures and 100% custom models. Though all of the models or texture’s are not made by myself - some are - some are not. I’ve taken some of the textures and models from a game called The Ship. (Yes, which Sgt. Sickness have done within his Evocity projects! - So please, don’t claim that I’m stealing his work!)

Please give response, in what you think! Thank you!

Lighting could do with some work

Water looks horrible

It’s quite empty

Thank you for your response. I actually released this map in shame, though.

No problem. You can add me on steam if you need some help. eagleeyeftw

needs more work

It’s quite funny how everyone at FacePunch will always say something bad. There’s actually never any good comments here. :stuck_out_tongue: People are either perfectionists or just angry all the time.

Because, on the, for an instance. People will at most of the time however, say something good. Or in case if it’s not “good”, they would rather say “I think it has to be fixed in this way… bla bla bla… But I liked it anyway.”, or “At least your tried!” and so on.

As I said, I released this map in shame. READ READ READ.

You told us to tell our opinions about your map. Now you say you don’t want any disliking comments.

Well, our skils are developing*, so what were good back in 07 is nothing nowdays.
*Quality of ours all maps.

Yeah, but the thing is…
Either, you’re a total noob and you will be “accepted”. Or you are a perfect pro, and you will be “accepted”. Therefore, there’s really no place else on the scale from Noob - Pro to be at.

(Noob map) (My map) (Evocity)

That’s just an example. Everyone got different styles and skills. I make map in order to achieve something myself. Although, I do it also in manner of making people enjoy it. If they just complain about small things, such as textures or similar - they might not play it. There are other sources to complain about in that matter.

But I see what you mean. Thank you.

I disagree with that. Oskutins first map didn’t look very pretty, but it played well. And he built off the comments and experience, and now releases some of the best maps on facepunch.

Now, everyone knows that i can tell what a maps like from screenshots. I don’t have enough hard drive space to play every map i see, but i can tell where people have gone wrong with a very well taken screens.

Now, you have a lot of glare on your lights, and very low ql water. You could have done with having larger light models, and so less light entities per room. Also, your models don’t cast shadows, which is odd.

I guess it really comes down to your attitude towards the feedback.

Thank you for your answer.

I know that I shouldn’t use “light”, rather just “light_spot”. But hey, it’s an old map.
Water sucks. And I put in “No shadows” in models.

Evocity is not an example of a pro.

Also, you’re posting in a mappers forum. Mappers are more likely to see mistakes rather than the average player, who is happy with very basic / not pretty maps like ttt_bank, where the entire building is one white block (Where an actual bank looks nothing like that).

If you want good criticism you come here, if you want everyone to accept your map even if it’s a pile of crap, you go to Garrysmod and the Toybox.

Now, to the map. A lot of the design isn’t bad, but you really need to work on the lighting. Notice near the ceiling in both of the screenshots that there are big white blown out spots. Usually you want to avoid this by using light_spots with a dim light entity so that it casts above the light too.

Also, don’t use “no shadows” unless it’s like a bush model or some other vegetation.

Anyway, it’s definitely not a bad map, it just could use some work on a few things. I would choose this map over the majority of TTT maps out there because most TTT mappers don’t try to make their maps even appealing to the eye. This is somewhat original and isn’t bad at all.

You should use several light types to create good looking lights. I use light, light_spot and ebv_lightglow to make mine look good.

Yeah I know what you mean. :slight_smile: And I agree to everything, basically. And also, thank you. :wink:

I know you shouldn’t use “light” like that, I know “light_spot” is the answer for it. But back when I started on this map I was kinda noobish. So I couldn’t be bothered to fix those things when I started again. (2 days before the release).

It’s looking great, but you gotta fix up some things. The lighting needs work and the outside looks terrible. By terrible I mean the water and the side of the boat. The outside of the boat seems too plain. Add some textures such as rust or dirt onto it.

It’s looking good though, keep working on it.

Thank you for your criticism. And yes, I’m aware of all those stuff. Although, I wanted the actual boat to look “modern” and fresh. So… :slight_smile: But yeah, maybe a bit too plain.

Or maybe, people here realize that if someone releases a map with flaws in it, the creator isn’t going to get better if all everyone does is suck up to him and say the map is perfect.

In the real world, if a tester finds an issue, he will bug it in great detail so the dev can fix it quickly and efficiently. The devs know there will be problems, and the qa is there to find it.