ttt_digdown (underground mine)

Started my new mapping project yesterday. *Haven’t been working constantly but I have quite a bit done.

Basically the map will take place in an underground mine pretty much. *These pictures are showing the WIP, these rooms are not finished. *Especially the larger room, I plan on making 2 elevators in it leading down deeper into the cavern.

There are still some lighting issues in the spawn area (such as around the wood and a slight reddish tint), but I intend on fixing those later.

I’m going to update this thread periodically as the map is updated significantly

Spawn area:
Door leaving spawn area:

Larger room (Not done!):

You may notice that big gaping hole in the wall. Well, that’s just in case the elevators (not quite made yet), are taken down already. This water-hole in the wall will allow the person to slip down without waiting for a lift.

**Update ( These are still not final product. *Lighting and design are to be changed still )

Doesn’t look necessarily thread worthy yet.

I know.

I just wanted to put the thread up so I can start making updates as I move along so that people can keep track of it if they want to.

I guess that does make sense, however I feel you should have put more into the map before making a thread. So far it looks very empty and as if you just subdivided a couple of displacements. The water tunnel idea sounds nice, however.

I think i have dyslexia. At first i read this as “Digletttown mine”

**Update ( These are still not final product. *Lighting and design are to be changed still )

I don’t know why, but I really like this one.