TTT_Divided Map (Help Needed)

Hello everybody. I am Gamer Z, the lead designer and concept artist of the Trouble in Terrorist Town map called Divided.

If you would like to read up about the project, head to It includes FAQs, screenshots, a contact page, and, soon, videos of the map.

Alternatively, you can find the steam group at It contains the description of the map only, but you may join the group to support it too.

On to the nitty gritty, this map is in dire need of a map designer that much surpasses my level of talent and experience with hammer editor. If you are interested, please let me know.

Our team is looking for volunteers who can do well in any, if not all, the following catagories: texturing in CSS or mine craft, designing a sky box, coding a timer for a door to open in a specific amount of time, and possibly a couple more items not thought of at the moment.

Thank you for considering this project. You can head to the steam group and join it to support the map, head to the website to contact me, add me on steam at, or comment on this post here to give us your thoughts on the map and possibly volunteer as a map designer.

Credits will be given respectively to those who participate in the making of this map.

Gamer Z

Your Wix link should be

Ah, yes! Thank you! Will edit

I don’t think alot of people are willing to volunteer to make a map.

You never know. I’m not asking for someone to make the whole map; that’s my job. I’m just asking for someone who can do either of these tasks mentioned above but preferably not all of them as that may take up too much of their time. If someone can texture, great! Hit me up on one of the contact methods and help out. Same thing with lighting, coding, etc.

I am just looking for a team who can do certain things that I cannot. I see great potential in this map, and I do not want to see it getting down votes for bad design.
There are lots of good TTT maps out there, but not enough of them to show TTT with an interesting twist. That is what this map will change.

I would offer to help with texturing, but I’m working on my on project at the moment.

No problem, man. Thanks for considering to be a part of the team.

why not just use triggers with delay

Great idea, man. Thanks :smiley:

I will help you make your map. Add me on steam.

Thanks, man. I just now added you.

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By the way, what is your time zone?

I just made a fully functional 5 minute timed door. Thanks for the advice, it was so much easier.