This map is possibly my first serious map. It’s a very small, replicated map from the Call of duty Modern Warfare series. (I personally dislike call of duty, but I love their environment work.)

This is nothing big, after research and knowledge, it’s come to my understanding that there isn’t a map like this on garry’s mod.
Lighting is yet to be completed, followed by a full compile ready for it’s download.

There are alot of invisble walls around the map to prevent exploiting and jumping outside of the boundary.

When finished, this map will be great for gamemodes such as murder, trouble in terrorist town and even Cops and Robbers.

More screenshots can be found here:

why’s the exterior so dark? i know you said lighting is yet to be completed but why leave it with the lighting not matching your skybox at all right now? you should really crank the settings on you light_environment

I’m not the best with lighting, plus the screenshots are from a quick-compiled map :stuck_out_tongue:

Good lighting can do some serious magic to a map

It looks like a morning lighting and it’s looking nice to me.

morning is fine, the problem is that the actual terrain of the map is all shadow. the sun angle is too shallow/horizontal so hardly any of the map is actually lit by the light_environment