Hello all I am making a thread to display the map I have been working on for about a month now. This is a free map that anyone running a ttt server can use and have my full blessing.

I dont want any money, or donations for it. I just want something I took my time doing be put to good use.

I hope you all will eventually like it, and will look forward to my future works.

This is Freightyard. It is a cargo docking canal facility that houses a cargo yard, docking bay, and exterior/interior of a cargo ship. You will be able to freely navigate to all of these places, with the exception of going into the water.( For gameplay reasons in my opinion.)

In addition to showing a few screenshots of the map, I would enjoy your feedback to make the map better. To help you understand what I have done that you would not see in the pictures, I will explain a few details.



*Dynamic navigatable areas within the cargoship.(Choices to active certain buttons change how you can navigate the ship.)
**For example: You can press a button to move a crane to knock over cargo crates, after which will block the path at the bow of the ship. You can also time it properly and possibly kill another player with the crates.
**In progress: Making a dynamic camera and monitor system in the traitor room.
*The expected (heavy) combat areas of the ship are designed in a way to make it easy to get away and confuse your opponent.(Tight corners and lots of possible entry and exits.)
*3 levels of the cargo ship(The deck, the middle floor, and the bottom.) The bottom has two possible exits through big bay doors that lead you to either the cargo dock, or the cargo yard.
*Breakable windows and floor boards.
** I want to make special areas for innocents and traitors, but as of yet I still need to brainstorm. That’s where you could possibly assist me.

As of right now that is all I have to say about it. Now its time for the pictures. I will update the pictures as I continue with the map.

Thanks for reading.

Looks very promising. Can you go into any of the crates or are they all solid?

There are a select few that you can hide inside. Unfortunately, going inside them wont provide you with sufficient cover. It would only be beneficial to hide for a moment. So I dont suggest using them in a fight in my opinion.

is that an MCOM station in the 5th pic?

That is the control panel to move the crane right above it. Its really simple, just press the panel. I wish I was that creative when I made it. :suicide:

Looks nice!

The buildings’ architecture could use more work and the skybox looks cluttered atm. It generally feels really bare which especially shouldn’t be the case for an industrial setting like this. But good start, I suppose.

Yes I really want to focus on detailing more once I get the basics done.

Lots of interaction.
I like.