What is TTT_Leader?
It is a small simple script that allows a ‘leader’ on your TTT server. The leader can be given buffs/debuffs depending on the config you set up.

Current Features:

  1. Select roles the leader can be.
  2. Prevent leader from having primary weapons.
  3. Set health and armour of the leader.
  4. Give the leader a unique model.
  5. Select amount of required players playing for one to become a leader.
  6. Neat HUD
  7. Notification to the leader to alert them that they are the leader.


Leader HUD

Leader notification

Leader given playermodel


I’d love to hear criticism and feedback for this addon, as it is my first ‘proper’ addon I’ve made.

but what’s the point of it?

Just adds a small extra element to TTT. Not too much point in it to be fair.

It’s just something different and it’s nice. Well done for a first ‘proper’ addon!

It seems like a good start, sort of like a “protect the VIP” sort of objective, but your intentions for the leader aren’t very well defined. What’s the point of being leader? How should people interact with them?

Thanks :smiley:

Currently there is not huge reason to be a leader aside from the benefits of health and armour. I want to make the leader be able to do something unique so it gives them a point, however I haven’t planned what I would allow them todo.