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This map takes place on partially terraformed Mars in the year of 2059.
Mining companies have built several colonies around the planet, with purpose of extracting valuable resources from the underground. However, this results in space pirates raiding the colonies for valuable loot.


**Extra info: **

I’ve been working on this project for about 5 months, with the map going through many different versions and stages. After I and the playtesters have came to conclusion that the map is finished enough, I’ve released it.

This is probably the final version, but some updates may come in the future.
Also, as you may have noticed, I’ve uploaded this as another Workshop submission. I couldn’t change the title picture, so I had to do this.

Important: Do not reupload or claim this work as your own. You’ll be punished with a beating and worse.


**Features: **

Traitor Tester - Requires 3 blue batteries in order to work!
Mounted Railgun (For traitors) - Use 1 credit to activate, step behind it and press USE key to rotate it. Left mouse button shoots it.
Atmospheric Turbine Intake - Located in the gray-colored sector. Traitors can modify the gas distribution system to replace the air in the airlock with toxic gas, killing people inside.
Wall-mounted weapon racks - Consists out of 15 (5 shotguns, M16’s, rifles) guns.
2 Traitor Rooms - Only Traitors can open the doors.
Playable electronic piano - Can be found in the Bar.
Portable TNT cluster - Traitors can detonate this to blow up people for 1 credit.
Health Kit dispenser - Players can find money and exchange them for health vials!
… And much more!


**Known issues: **

  • Doors have a rare chance to brutally crush the player passing through them.

**Coming in the next version: **

  • Nothing at the moment.


**Credits: **

Mapping, textures, idea - TFlippy
Textures, sounds, models - Black Mesa Team, Valve and others.
Test Server hosting: Vercas, Fangli.
Testers: Vercas, Fangli, MarvioO, pe_fontes, Xenon, BanDiGo, SonicBurst, warlordsh, Nathan776, $wedish_moose, iAeroo, OgrDragon, The_Dude, Gavin from Autoglass, Saphira, bloodyroli.

Special thanks to Twoscore and Facepunch for the suggestions, feedback and help!



A lot of love went in to this map, you can clearly tell when you start running around and notice how large it is and how much detail there is. I liked the break-room with the playable keyboard and the turbine shaft as well. This map has excellent ambiance ,the intercom and rumbling sounds makes the map feel alive. I hope many communities try this map out, as it clearly had a lot of work put into it. If there will be an updated version of this map, I hope to see improved lighting and possibly a simplified layout. The intricate brushwork in this map would be better shown off with more varied lighting.

You can spawn stuck inside a couch. Other than that little annoyance, the map is great.

Thanks for the feedback!

Also, good that you’ve noticed that issue. I’ll fix that in the next version. If you spawn here before round start, just suicide and respawn. If you are unlucky enough to end up here again, then you’re screwed. :stuck_out_tongue:

Awesome job man, been watching your progress the whole time.

Better than mine.

So this is the whole map? Execept for the bugs and all.

The concept reminds me of 3killsphilip’s CS:GO Mars map I can’t play the map right now but from what I can see there is no outdoor environments, which I would love to see, maybe add a window in some rooms showing some nice landscapes.

Great map. Only a few bugs.

Found some pink and black missing textures here.[/thumb]

I somehow glitched it so I only placed one power cell, but I was moving it and it counted as the remaining two I needed.

What exactly is this room for? It is not reachable and not visible from other points on the map. Is there a security camera looking at it elsewhere or something?

Oh and great job on the synth.

  1. I’m aware of the missing texture. It was supposed to be a poster. :stuck_out_tongue:
  2. Strange. Probably lag? I’ll try to fix that.
  3. It’s a small visible housing from the Traitor room, not reachable without noclip.
  4. Thanks!

New version will include an outdoor area and less cramped corridors, along with new traps and more secrets.
However, I’m taking a week long mapping break, as I can’t be mapping for more than 30 minutes without losing my motivation to do so. :confused:

Please consider also revising your lighting. You have very solid brushwork/texturing/detailing that loses impact because of rather bland lighting. Different colors/less bright lights would really improve the look here.

Good job though!

Sorry for my absence and lack of updates. I’ve been preparing for school and playing Minecraft, along with sleeping and eating.

I’ve improved the lighting of some areas by toning it down / removing and adding emergency lights and such.

Also, the new version will have the laser cannon replaced by a mounted railgun rifle. Instead of 8 shots, there’ll be 15-20. However, the cooldown between shots has been increased to 5 seconds, and the beam lasts only 0.1 seconds. Accuracy has been fixed, and now is perfectly aligned with the crosshair.
A new outdoor area has been added to the turbine, and I’m planning on moving the T room to a more useful area. Building cubemaps has became a lot easier, since somehow, I broke the SDK so it compiles the map without cubemaps.


Should the map have HDR? I’m not sure if I should bother converting the skybox to HDR and adjusting it’s values.

Today, after 8 hours of work, the map update has really progressed. I’ve finished the exterior area, added a new airlock, implemented and tweaked HDR (The lights outside still derp up and look dumb. :() and added a chemistry lab sector.

However, what should be there? I’m considering moving the Traitor room over here and making some traps, but Innocents need a reason to go there. Any ideas?[/T]


Remove any and all wood textures!

They’re on mars. Importing wood would take unforgivably extraneous resources.

Also, as far as motivation to move to the chemistry labs, you could make the traitors able to combine a couple items around the room and put them into the air supply somehow. Perhaps add an alarm system across the map that warns innocent that the air quality is rapidly dropping, and add a countdown, or other signal to warn against the imminent reduction of habitability in the facility. But the innocent should be able to stop it in some way that takes longer than the traitor takes to start it. Maybe turning a bunch of valves off in the room and pressing a button somewhere else?
It’d definitely make the innocents move around more if they heard it go off, or have them leave a guard in the chem labs to prevent it. The “oh shit, get to the labs!” moment would be wonderful.

It’d be difficult in that you may need to use some creativity in the alarm system to make it obvious to the players that they need to fix the air supply. But you did make a bomb-ass synth, so I have faith.

Other than that, this is certainly one of the best TTT maps I’ve seen. Wish it was on the servers I played.

So they import concrete/metal instead?

I’m assuming they made it from the resources on mars. It’s a mining outpost.

It’s not like I’m trying to be a hardass about it. I figure there’s plenty of leeway, but wood textures scream Earth. There’s wiggleroom for the believability of non-biological materials. Granted, plenty of concrete uses limestone I think, something I’m pretty sure is mostly produced by microorganisms like coral and other colony-type creatures, but really, maybe it’s NEW concrete made from genuine mars junk. Or it’s superheated/condensed mars rock.

But it comes down to being able to make something up that’s believable as to why it’s there and wood is harder to do that for. Maybe it’s force-grown oak they cook up in a giant greenhouse on mars, but I think that getting rid of the wood textures would greatly increase the otherworldy feel of it.

I don’t think that mars has all the required industrial capacity to produce all the equipment.
And if thats a mining colony, it means they’re exporting majority of ore to earth, and they have relatively cheap way to do it.

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Well, there could grow some trees.

Sorry for not responding. For some reason, I couldn’t see any new replies until now.

Well, I love the air supply poisoning idea. I’ll try to implement that.
Regarding the wood, I’ll try to do something about that. However, some wood textures will still stay, such as the tables, as I can’t get any better models. :stuck_out_tongue:

As said above, most of the stuff is imported from Earth, along with food, water and other chemicals. Concrete is made out of imported materials and byproducts of mining and air filtering.