TTT_MC_Island17 (A TTT Minecraft dm_island17 remake)

Okay hear me out, I know we all have that feeling towards Minecraft maps

TTT_MC_Island17 is a true-to-form, from-scratch remake of the classic DM_Island17 (HL2:DM). It’s accurate to Minecraft’s construction, and Trouble In Terrorist Town focused with Minecraft-styled Traitor traps, testers, etc.

I’ve spent a lot of time on this, focused on gameplay (like 1161 playerclip brushes to ease movement, no crouch jumping up each block). Now that you’ve heard me out, I’ve already told myself “you’ve spent a lot of time… on a Minecraft map”, and the server wanted a Minecraft map so that’s what I made.

The map’s available on the Steam Workshop here

I respect the effort

For what it’s worth, I think you did a great job with this, especially in adding some unique features that function both within the minecraft design conventions and adhere to the TTT playstyle, regardless of personal taste - good job!

yeah definitely was never a big fan of how overplayed minecraft maps were when i played ttt but this is pretty sweet and respectable.

can really tell you put a ton of effort into this in attention to details of the original map and adding reasonable fun new twists to it.

really good job man

Someone made a Minecraft ttt map recently

I was pretty bummed out about it

But I think whoever made it was more happy to put effort into it than I am sad to see it
(the total happiness in the world increased)

So, whatever

[sp]the map is really good actually[/sp]