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[TD][h2]ttt_mc_SkyIslands is a medium/large Gmod Trouble in Terrorist town map.[/h2]


Download Link:

The goal of the map from the very start was to make it look as simalar to minecraft as possible. We have seen several Garry’s mod maps attempting to copy the style of miencraft but most of not all fail miserably in one way or another. Because of this, Todarac and I set out to create a Gmod map worthy of the title Minecraft-like.

Contact Stinger:

Contact Todarac

Features of the map include:
A tall tower.
An Enchantment table which explodes when shot.
A Windmill.
A Jukebox with CD’s
A Tavern
Minecraft-like Particle Effects for torches and other misc objects
Brewing stations and cauldrens
A Fortress
Animated and open-able Minecraft Chests
Building layouts made for TTT gameplay
Dynamic Foundtain Waterfall


This map has been one huge Grind, and it’s a relief to finally have it done.

Level Designer, 3D modeler and technical editor.

Level designer and creative editor.

Some textures

server hosting & beta testing

Beta Testing:
Dillon, Pedro, Ratchet, Atczach, Scott, Comprime

This looks amazing, excellent job. Going right on my TTT server now.

Pretty nice.

I’m sorry but how did this amazing map get overlooked? It’s simply great. I love all the work and detail that went into this map!

Keep up the good work!

The map looks pretty nice but unfortunately it isn’t very good as far as gameplay goes. As I told you before (when you were still making it), it’s far too easy for traitors to dispose of bodies by dropping them off of the platforms. That and the map is too big/open, resulting in sniping being too powerful.

The traitors dumping off bodies actually sounds like a good idea.

It makes it FAR too easy for traitors, the flare gun exists to get rid of bodies except it costs a credit and has limited uses.

On this map a traitor can easily dispose of a body regardless of where they are, making it impossible for people to identify them.

but the fact that it’s on floating islands and a sniping haven helps prevent that. The traitors would have to do the obstacle course to walk to the body to dispose of it. meanwhile other people would be checking it. Plus they would have to snipe on the sly in order to make the kill otherwise everyone would see them.

But I think the fact that everyone getting narrowed down and no hints to who is who will create some interesting situations.

Yup, not to mention it would also be easy to see people make a kill considering the openness. That fores the traitors to be sneaky and not just gun everyone down and win extremely fast. It makes the disguise kit, teleporter, and knife very very useful if used right.

It’s a really pretty map, and it looks solid as far as actual level design. I think what makes TTT levels cool are special features like traitor testers, traitor traps, alternate victories, etc. In the future (if you haven’t already, I haven’t played it but it doesn’t look like it) you should add things like that.
I got rated late, so I’ll assume that I was wrong. Never mind what I said then.