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One day, I played a TTT map with a bunch of my friends on my favorite server.
The map was called “ttt_muffincity_3d”. It was the worst map I had ever played.
It was a big, open, empty map that used broken teleports to enter the tops of certain buildings.
My friends told me I should try to make one better.

So after three months, I have made my own version of the map, with similar style and gameplay mechanics. Somewhat like a Sequel.
I call it, Muffin City 2000. Thought about naming it Muffin City Forever. Maybe someone here can use that name in a one-up against my map, eh?
This version of the map still retains a lot of the same areas (gunstore, courtyard with fountain- stall- and vending machines, multi-leveled office building, rooftop pool, ect.)
except as a much more compacted version allowing for more fast-paced gameplay.

It’s got plenty of spawns and weapons, almost too much, actually.
It also has a massive traitor trap that requires seven coins to be placed together somewhere for a traitor button to appear, which then also requires three credits to activate, but it’s worth it. (early map video of the traitor trap available on the steam workshop page)

Hope you like it.

Could use more detail, such as actual prop light sources, but it definitely looks like a good start to something great.