ttt_nexus By Nuke

This is the finish part of the rebuilding of rp_city85

This part is Part 1 of 4

Inside the maps folder there is a ttt weapon config. You can use it for TTT gamemode.

This map can be use in sandbox mode for combine comic and other things you can think of.

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Change Log

So many changes that it will take me a hour to write them all down.

Download it here

This looks pretty good. I like the subway theme. Have a palette.

I know I wanted to keep the subway theme nexus because that going to play a part in the new city85

That subway is too lighten up. Otherwise it looks good, have a wood.

Make it so you can burn bodies in the control room with the breen bust in it.

Lighting and water is my fail areas in my mapping. But I am getting better at it maybe with a few more trys at it I get it right and that not coming till I get the whole map done.The burn body thing that is

In combine areas go for more of a bluish lighting, You can experiment with the train station for yourself. White lighting isn’t good, know that much.

I did

The train area has a yellows light to match the walls and the combine area has 2 color light. A light grey light entry with a navy blue light entry 6 pixels apart from it.

Well then it isn’t apparent enough, it still looks white to me, add more color to it.

The first screenshot is pretty bright/unshadowed, to near-fullbright level. Other than that, looks pretty good so far.