TTT_Nightmare_Church - 32MB - 35 Player Spawns


  • Name: TTT_Nightmare_Church_B0 (Compressed Edition)
  • Made By: gtamike_TSGK
  • Map Type/Main Focus: Trouble In Terrorist Town (Garry’s Mod GameMode)
  • Player Spawns: 35
  • Lots of TTT weapons and ammo
  • TTT Map settings/entities, gameplay tweaks and fixes, plus alot more optimized for servers.


  • File Size Compressed/Optimized. (32MB Steam Workshop)
  • Traitor weapon spawns removed.
  • Small Bug Fixes and General Tweaking.
  • Some texture changes and new grass model sprites.

Make sure you have CS: Source installed for Models and Materials.
Needed By default for TTT [Trouble In Terrorist Town] Game Mode.

- You can get on the church roof by going up the secret Ivy Ladder.

- The Fish will start to eat you if you go in the pond.

- You can jump inside the big clock tower. (Tip: jump off the middle gargoyle with good timing)

- There's a teleport at bottom of the well this takes you to the church. (Get out of danger fast)

- There's interactive things in the home area down the stairs. (Tip: "Press Use" Text/Sprite)

- There's an open glowing green grave where you can drop bodies. (For traitors to put bodies)

Enjoy :rolleyes:

Wow this looks really good can’t wait to try it out.

Looks damn fine! Will check it out and probably out it on me server!

Damn, I love the theming and vividity of it all. Very nice work.

Great map! However, you really need to decrease the specular map shine a bit. Everything looks slimy and wet, making it seem unrealistic and ugly. :o

Use “$envmaptint” “[0.5 0.5 0.5]” to fix that. The lower value, the darker specular map in the VMT. For example, this lowers the intensity by 50%. [1 1 1] would make it same as the specular map texture.

It’s a habit of mine hehe, me trying to make some textures not look flat but 3D looking up close. (Like Unreal 3 texturing)
Then again I was not aiming for realistic just something original and not a common map style.