TTT_Nightmare_Church_B1 - [Trouble In Terrorist Town]

TTT_Nightmare_Church_B4 - [Trouble In Terrorist Town]

A TTT Version of Nightmare Church was requested so I ported it.
Download: (2014)

- Name: TTT_Nightmare_Church_B4
- Map Type/Main Focus: Trouble In Terrorist Town
- Player Spawns: 35
- Lots of TTT weapons and ammo
- TTT Map settings/entities, gameplay tweaks and fixes, plus a lot more optimized for servers.


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I have updated the map to Beta 2.

Link: (BETA 3)

Name: TTT_Nightmare_Church_B2

Update List

- There is now 35 player spawns.
- Added a few more weapons.
- Removed 2 traitor weapons.
- The Grave is now open. (Traitors can now put/drop dead bodies in)
- Fixed fire not always working/displaying for some people.
- Map thumbnail has been updated.
- 2 Game_text changed to ttt_game_text.
- Also a few tweaks and improvements.
- Fun Freeman Game_text message.

Link is broken

Works fine for me.

Beta 3 - Updates

  • Traitor weapon spawns removed.
  • Gun cabinet glass model.
  • Sawy grass.
  • New grass model sprite.
  • Extra cubemaps.
  • Green Ghost lighting.
  • Sewer lighting has been tweaked.
  • Extra ttt_random weapons.
  • Fixed a bug where bullets wouldn’t go through the electric fence door.
  • Texture upgrades.
  • Angels models higher res.
  • Sewer water upgraded.
  • Ivy higher res.
  • Paintings higher res.
  • New bench texture/model.
  • Gate texture upgraded.
  • Church Roof texture is more detailed.
  • Improved some brush work.
  • Small Bug Fixes and General Tweaking.

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Unzip/Decompress with Winrar for the map .BSP. (.BZ2 Fast Download Server Admins)

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TTT_Nightmare_Church_B4 (Beta 4)
➔ Fast Download:

Map Updates/Improvements (Sept 2014)

  • TTT logo in restrooms
  • Fixed bug where players could get out of map.
  • Built in spawn protect on new round.
  • No more player fall damage.
  • Changed/edited Soundscape settings.
  • Updated Thumbnails now better quality.
  • Skeleton in the fish water.
  • Skull model in the bin.
  • $nodecal “1” teddybear textures and picture frame.
  • Trigger_push near well.
  • Better shadows under clock tower.
  • Models now have less prop pop in now.
  • Player Clipped tree near church bell.
  • Made it more easy to climb the trees.
  • Moved the gnome model. (More easy to spot)
  • Prop Physics Clipped all of the maze hedge.
  • Clipped the fallen tree so props don’t get stuck.
  • Skull model in the holy water.
  • The Gnome model is now a Transparent Dynamic Lantern that you can take with you.
  • Added some nice teleport particle effects to confession box.
  • Added env_blood for father grigori’s head. (Dripping blood)
  • Hint texture text on open grave about dead bodies.
  • Zombie painting texture has a new fade effect (2 painting in 1)
  • You can jump now on the dog cage and then jump over the hedge near water feature.
  • Added a red arrow near dog cage as a hint that you can go up there.
  • Thunder sound Trigger timer reset from 250sec to 90sec.
  • Blood decal in open grave.
  • Piano has been prop physics clipped.
  • Removed Texture: vhs_nolabel.vtf - free up 1.33MB. (Texture skin was not used)
  • Removed Textures: fruit_objects01.vtf, fruit_objects01_normal.vtf, fruit_objects01_warp.vtf - free up 699KB (Textures was not used)
  • Optimized some textures (Without noticeable downgrade)
  • Radio Texture now is dirty. (No longer new looking)
  • Changed daoowl.mdl lighting origin. (more easy to see in the dark)
  • Moved the owl to a tree near the dog cage area. (more easy to notice)
  • Removed grave displacement Collisions.
  • Fixed small hedge texture bug.
  • Point of the roof structure now has $detail texture.
  • Newspaper stack texture higher res.
  • Block bullets clip to ladder.
  • Player clip to upper tree near roof area tweaked/moved.
  • Player clip to toilet area. (upper area)
  • Player clip on freemans head so you can jump on the upper bed.
  • Player clip to tree so you can climb it.
  • Player clip removed from Sewer. (More freedom space to run)
  • Player clip to confession booth, upper tree near roof area, dog cage, wine storage.
  • Physics prop clip behind sewer lid.
  • Physics prop clip in front of baby.
  • Physics prop clip to, toilets, electric area, hedge area.
  • Physics prop clip with filter_activator_name to, water well, grave hole, confession booth. (For trolley and gnome models)
  • Small Bug Fixes and General Tweaking.

TTT_Nightmare_Church_Final - Trouble In Terrorist Town - Oct 2014 - (Garry’s Mod)

Map Updates/Improvements (Oct 2014 - Final)

  • Changed spawn protect time. (30sec’s per round)
  • Added player clip to bin. (You can look over the hedge if you stand on the bin)
  • Added Spawn “ttt_traitor_button” = Spawn Traitor Ladder (Traitors can get on the roof another way)
  • Added Spawn “ttt_traitor_button” = Piano Traitor Bomb (One explosion per round)
  • Fixed 2 lights in sewer that were brighter than the others.
  • Light map scale for blue carpet is lower (for better shadows)
  • Fixed “$fogend” water red text errors in console.
  • Grenades go through the big church glass windows.
  • Players can go through the freeman glass window.
  • Improved Cubemap Reflection in TV room.
  • Moved/Improved light_spot by the evil book.
  • Less model prop in.
  • Small Bug Fixes and General Tweaking.

Enjoy :rolleyes: