TTT_no more power

This map is an old industrial electric building. inside the map is very dark with few lights.
I’ve added a lockdown button, where it closes off all entrances and exits so noone can get in or out for 30 seconds. This map is small, but with plenty of hiding places, Shaddows and points of interest

The old power station is deserted, and a good place for gangs. Plenty of shaddows to hide in. Lots of entances and exits so no hiding. If you find a body that died only a few seconds ago, hit the lockdown and search the power station for any “suspicious activity”. the traitor control room includes weapons and cctv camera to check ouside. But make sure noone is watching when you open the door. If you see someone on the monitor press the button and get out there and kill them without any witnessess. be quick otherwise the others could find out about you if your not back in the traitor room within 10 secs. Goodluck!


Oh hey, I remember you from the TTT server. I was Sniper McBodyshots Wanker.

Looks like a good map.


I’ll take a look at it when I get home.