TTT_Nuclear_Power_V4 - Final Release

The final version of TTT Nuclear Power is here! Celebrating reaching 200,000+ subscribers for version beta 2 and being played by some famous YouTube streamers like PewDiePie and Funhaus, I decided to give back to the community by polishing the map off with V4. I’ve fully optimized the map (no more lag issues!) and added a lot of new features, gameplay improvements, and aesthetic improvements.

TTT Nuclear Power, AKA Vanguard Nuclear Power and Atomic Research Facility, is a large-scale Trouble in Terrorist Town map for Garry’s Mod.

Map Trailer

Here’s a longer map showcase video.

Download Links

Steam Workshop:
Direct Download:

Map Features

• Teleporter system – easier to move around the map & more playable with less players
• A wide variety of traitor traps (with one VERY large trap)
• Reactor meltdown traitor objective (see instructions below)
• Traitor tester – activated by a randomly hidden power cell
• Large main lobby area with restrooms and break room
• Reactor control room area with futuristic nuclear reactor
• Anti-gravity testing chamber
• Lower and upper lab areas
• Toxic waste disposal area (must put on a radiation suit to enter)
• Working escalators, elevators, and playable elevator shafts
• Supports up to 46 players (expanded from 32 in previous version because why not)
• Sandbox compatibility – map automatically detects Sandbox or TTT gamemode and allows access to traitor areas/objectives in Sandbox mode
• Secrets / Easter eggs (let’s see how long it takes for you to discover them :slight_smile:
• Fidget spinners (wait what?)

Map Objective Instructions:

1. Find a randomly generated vault door code, written on a random bulletin board in the map each round.
2. Type the code into the vault keypad to open the vault.
3. Open the safe toward the rear of the vault to obtain the keycard.
4. Innocents - destroy the keycard using the dematerializer machine next to the safe. Good job -
you just prevented a nuclear meltdown!
5. Traitors - bring the keycard to the reactor core control panel and put it into the card slot. (NOTE: Bringing the keycard outside the vault is considered a traitorous act and will sound an alarm)
6. Press the button to cause a reactor meltdown that kills all innocent players!
7. (optional) If you are in Sandbox gamemode, there is a green flashing button on the control panel to reset the reactor to its normal state.

Note on objective balance: The objective is balanced by spawning the vault code in a random location and also having the code more likely to appear farther away from the vault. Also, the Innocents with their larger number (75% of players) are more likely to win the objective by getting the keycard first and destroying it with the dematerializer right next to the safe. Given these circumstances and the randomness of the code, it is not likely that rounds will be repeatedly (or quickly) won by Traitors, and the Traitors must be skilled to pull off this objective.

Gameplay Highlights - PewDiePie and Funhaus


Full Changelog

Special Thanks

Facepunch Forums - Mapping Help
Bad King Urgrain - Bugfixing TTT code
Dr. Freeman - Ideas & Beta Testing
Violation - Beta Testing
404 - Beta Testing
Aerin - Beta Testing
Loponstorm - Beta Testing
El Grewzo - Ideas
Mattrius - Ideas & Bugfix Testing
Ich mag Züge - Bugfix Testing
[cG] Danny - Bugfix Testing
^3Options - Bugfix Testing (and the solution to the issue!)
PK02 Texture Pack - Textures
TopHATTwaffle - Textures
Acegikmo - Textures
BabyFawnLegs - Labware Models
PCMod - Laptop Model
Goldeneye Source - Models, Textures

Thank you all so much for helping this map become a success! I never expected it to become this popular when I released it years ago. On a personal note, this might be my last release for Garry’s Mod. I have ambitions to learn Unreal Engine and develop games for virtual reality. If you’d like to keep track of my projects, head over to my new YouTube channel and subscribe.

Have fun! :slight_smile:

Nice release. As I said before I love it when mappers take extra effort to really perfect a map. Just don’t end up like me and spend 5 years working on your next release only to have it perpetually stuck in the refinement phase. Anyhow, looking forward to your next map!

Loved this map from the first iteration, so happy to see how far it has come :slight_smile: Great work!

Great work. (I’m also glad there is no backdoor this time)

Thanks guys, I’m glad you like it! :slight_smile:

Yeah, that was intended and used only as a convenient map patch system, but no more! :stuck_out_tongue:

Hey guys! I updated the map to fix a crash issue that some users were experiencing. The map should be 100% stable now.

The crash was a bug associated with the Trouble in Terrorist Town gamemode’s code. I had a discussion with TTT’s creator Bad King Urgrain and we worked out why it was happening. He is going to update TTT’s code with the next Garry’s Mod update, but I have fixed the bug immediately in my map now.

I updated the download links in the original post. Please delete any older version of the map you have! If you subscribed on the workshop, it should update automatically to replace the old version of the map.

Have fun! :slight_smile: