Fixed this up some more. Had to delete a large portion of the map and recreate it properly. Won’t be any crashes anymore (other than bad inline, which affects ~5% of people, working on that).[/t]

Welcome to the town plaza. We have radios that traitors can telepathically explode, freezers where we lock up naughty people, and a holy machine that turns bodies into sacred watermelons. There is no way out of town, so you will never escape!


  • Fixed 90% of crashes.
  • Completed map, added a skybox
  • More optimisation


  • Melon machine
  • Explodable radios
  • Very detailed
  • High FPS
  • Plenty of room for a full server
  • Rearm script not required

Any other new features planned or is this version mostly complete aside from possible fixes (if necessary)?

I’m always open for suggestions, but I don’t really have anything more planned.


Very nice looking map. Great world lighting and a very good use of detail with your buildings. Textures suit and it looks like you have managed to create exactly what you wanted to create. Well done.

In my honest opinion it is really beautiful and clean but for TTT these giant distances will break the gameplay. The best distances between two angles of BSP is nearly 10-20m like it was in all the famous TTT maps.


I mean the maximal distance between two walkable points (like such the angles in the interior corridors for example) which traces a gamezone