Terrorists have got tired of all the fighting and bombing, so they took a little break in the Riverside Park.
Unfortunately, that didn’t stop their violent behavior.

This map is only properly usable with TTT. I’ll release a Murder and Sandbox version later!

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  • Diesel Generator - Requires randomly spawning fuel to be powered. Also, it has a moving arrow that shows the fuel level! Stuffing explosive items in the fuel input results in bad things.
  • Traitor Weapon Tester - Built out of rusty shoplift scanners. Checks the player for Traitor items - green light means that the player is clean.
  • Dynamic weapon spawning - Players are given 2 random weapons and 1 random ammo item on spawn. Additional ammunition and weapons are contained in crates.
  • Rotato the Sadistic Saw - A homemade weapon of destruction. Requires to be activated with a Traitor credit.
  • Satchel Charges - A cleverly disguised explosive as a bag. Requires 1 credit to be armed, detonation is free.
  • Irresponsible Driver - Since the park is near a city, roads are required. Cars usually come with them, so beware!
  • Open areas - *Thanks to Far-Z Culling, Fog and Prop Fading, the map itself is one huge open area with decent framerate. *
  • Hideouts - Forests usually offer large amount of places to hide!

Technical Info

Name: ttt_riverside_b3
Required games: Garry’s Mod (duh), Counter-Strike: Source
File size: 51 MB compressed / 112 MB uncompressed
Lighting: HDR + LDR
Color Correction: Yes


Mapping + Textures: TFlippy
Testing: Flynx_Master, Vexedshadow, Coolbeans
Special thanks: Valve Corporation, Outerlight, Facepunch, Black Mesa Team

You aren’t allowed to modify or claim this work as your own. Uploading and redistributing the map by other means than Steam isn’t permitted. Do not reupload this map to Steam Workshop under your or anyone else’s name.

Screenshots[/T] [T][/T]

[T][/T] [T][/T]

[T][/T] [T]

(Facepunch really needs a [hr] :v:)

God its been awhile since a really nice TTT map has come out, outstanding work man.

It’s amazing things like this can still be done with the Garry’s Mod branch. I would like to think with a bit more effort from other community map makers that the overall quality of Garry’s Mod maps could improve.

Riverside mother fucker. :v:
Nice looking. Can’t wait for the sandbox version!

Why isn’t it suitable for Sandbox right now? BTW, you made a badass looking map man, awesome!