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I am the creator of the original ttt_rooftops. For the past 2 years I have been working on/off on a major overhaul for the map, which - with the experience gained over the past 5 years - aims to achieve the ambition I originally had when it was first conceived back in 2010. During production of the original I was only recently introduced to source, and as a result fairly inexperienced in both level design and hammer. Little to my anticipation the map earned unexpected popularity, making it one of the most played ttt maps to date. Although the current release, ttt_rooftops_a2_f1 is the version that has been featured on most servers for the past 4-5 years, it is in essence still an alpha and due to time and experience never quite reached what I intended the map to be.

Sometime after the release of a2_f1, I moved on from rooftops, and eventually Gmod as a whole. It was only about 2 years ago when I was approached by one of the developers of Jaykin’ Bacon requesting some minor tweaks to better fit rooftops for the mod’s gameplay (as the map was fairly popular at the time). I ended up accepting the request, which then sparked the motivation to continue the map as a whole, incorporating gradual improvements and additions with the aid of years of new earned experience. 2 years later The map has evolved quite a lot from that point, and after years of additions and changes has reached a stage I would have never anticipated when I began.

After such a long ride, the map is now closing in on release as I begin production of the final trailer. For the time being I have put together a series of before and after screenshots to get an idea of the maps visual and geometric progress. It also contains far more than meets to eye, with dozens of new features, events and Easter eggs.

Without spoiling things, here is a general run-down of the primary changes to be expected in the overhaul:

  • Overhauled graphics and skybox.
  • New buildings and interiors.
  • Dozens of new features and events.
  • Expanded upon and refined layout providing more possibilities and smoother traversal.
  • Lots of new Easter eggs and mysteries.
  • Reworked Axe system.
  • Functional elevators.
  • Custom Soundscapes.

Hope you guys like what you see! And hopefully it is as accepted by the TTT community as the previous versions were.


Same scene in a2_f1:

Same scene in a2_f1:

Same scene in a2_f1:

Same scene in a2_f1:

Same scene in a2_f1:

I’ve finally finished the trailer. Hope you guys like it!

The visual improvements look great! How’s the performance, though?

It varies from better to worse in comparison to previous versions. It generally has improved framerate on the outskirts of the map due to better optimization, but worse when closer to the centre due to an increase in the number of rendered entities. Overall it has far more consistent frame-rates across the board, but on average it runs a little slower than a2_f1 in most cases.

From personal experience (In singleplayer) I average about 60-75fps on the outer regions of the map, while 70-95fps on the inner bounds of the map. (8gb ddr3 ram, i7 3770 and a gtx 780.)

(Also from reports by current testers most people tend to have little problem playing the map, but once the player-count starts going above 20 some players report poor frame-rate due to the maps openness. I’m unsure how these conditions compare to the original.)

Great job! I was wondering when an update would happen. Looks really nice

The map simply looks great, a truly deserved mapping king.

However, what really bugs me is the inconsistency concerning building stiles.
You have a skybox of very modern skyscrapers in all directions, but the map iteslf in the middle of this modern city is textured with default hl2 eastern european building textures. I would suggest you take some time to redesign some parts and adapt them to the ultra-modern look you have going in the skybox.

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I especially like your light_environment and the smokevolumes.

Although not visible in most of the screenshots there are actually quite a few older, less modern buildings located across the city-scape, though they are usually of shorter height. The ultra modern designs are mostly exclusive to the taller skyscrapers that reach above the in the traversable buildings of the map, and I would say the building transition in a lot of places is similar to the likes of some parts of New York.

Additionally the traversable parts of the map takes place on an isolated block, separated by road and park. So the transition of the buildings architectural theme isn’t quite as harsh as it may appear in the screenshots.

With that said I quite like the idea of re-approaching some of the building designs with more modern textures and architecture, but vanilla building textures of that theme are pretty limited in quantity. The skybox textures seen in the screenshots are mostly lower resolution scaled down versions from CG textures to decrease file-size. Using custom foreground building textures with the quality of a lot of the vanilla textures would bloat the file-size a decent amount when the file-size is already quite large at 90mb.

I will do some experimenting to see what I can come across, but I will probably avoid resorting to the use of any custom textures.

Nice, I’d like to see some geometry improvements though. It looks like you’ve made some for the skybox, but the map itself doesn’t seem to have any from first glance.

You’ll notice a lot of minor layout tweaks, texture/brush refinements, model replacements, micro geometry improvements, tweaked building parts (etc…) but I’ve been cautious with additional building detail and macro geometry improvements for performance and preservation reasons. If performance wasn’t an issue I would have added extrusions and details across most of the building exteriors, but after graphically updating the skybox and moving onto the playable parts of the map, I was reaching a point where the inclusion of anymore significant detail would render the map impossible to optimize due to its openness. When I approached updating the map itself graphically, this pushed me to try and keep the geometry simplified and close to the original, while aiming to still provide something visually updated and aesthetically pleasing.

I’ve entirely replaced geometry where I felt it was essential, for instance the catwalk behind the Parker building has been fully replaced. But on the other-hand buildings such as the 4 red roofs has been left mostly untouched on the geometric side excluding texture replacements/refinements and minor geometric tweaks and additions. The reason behind this was that I felt it already played well and didn’t require change for the sake of change, while the addition of lighting adjustments looked aesthetically pleasing even in its performance friendly, simplified form.

Perhaps I may revisit a lot of the buildings in the odd chance that Gmod Source 2 ever happens. But for now macro geometry will be mostly simplified and close to its roots for reasons listed above. (for most buildings anyway)

I was wondering when this was going to come out! It received a lot of compliments for its visuals on the servers I ran it on.

That skybox is making me moist.

Why are there wooden crates and boxes over a story tall and 3-4 windows wide? Scaling seems a little wacky, as you also have normally proportioned architecture.

Also is there something wrong with the clothing on the line? They look like they about as big as a flag.

Yeah some of the scaling is a little uncanny. A number of buildings have unusual proportions, shapes and questionable prop placement, but realism was never a focus when I originally made the map and I’ve kinda left it that way. I felt a lot of the more wacky props also provided both good cover and colour contrast, and when taking into account a terrorist community that survives across a series of rooftops and die as soon as they touch the ground surface, doesn’t seem too out of place.

For whatever reason the ground level is deadly and they’ve decided to make the rooftops their home in a seemingly abandoned city, the crates and containers likely acted as an easily transportable supply drop for resources over the years, providing the community with food, water and currency via a flying vehicle of some kind.

Yes it all sounds a bit silly :P, but perhaps it will start to make a little more sense upon release of the map.

They’re standard CSS assets so it’s probably just the composition. To my in-game estimation they’re roughly a little bigger than what might be considered reasonable, but nothing absurdly noticeable when moving around.

Had the betas on my server for quite some time now. A lot of fun and a great improvement on the original.

surely performance would vary depending on your gmod settings rather than the map itself?

Your settings do impact it but the large majority of performance comes from the map. Some poorly optimized maps just can’t be ran with high fps no matter how powerful of a computer you have

Frame rate seems pretty good from what I’ve seen. It is more stressful than the average map, but it’s been done well, so there’s no ‘lag spots’ where the FPS drops significantly.

Updated OP with the map trailer. Check it out :smiley:

oh my god

ttt_rooftops_2016 has been released! Download it now at:

Dumb question, is the ‘2015’ in the title just a typo or did you also recently release a 2015 version?