Finally got around to fixing a few things that nagged me. Didn’t post the original anywhere but the workshop so I thought I’d actually do some sharing this time around.

Please let me know if you encounter any issues. I hope I won’t have to make a ttt_simple_fixd_fixd.

Workshop Page
Screenshot Album
Dropbox Download

Sexy, really like the Mirrors Edge*-ish* style.

Loving the look, added it to my server, thank you :slight_smile:

Not a big fan of the name, but I really love that style you have going on!

Thanks! What’s the matter with the name? I’m assuming it’s the ‘fixd’. It bothered me a bit too.

I made two test versions on my server before releasing this one: ttt_simple_fix and ttt_simple_fixed. The first one must have bugged out while being packed because it gave me the strangest visual bugs. Those 15 people were just as surprised as me. Second time I forgot to pack the pizza… again. I used ‘fixd’ because I didn’t want to give up on using some variant of ‘fix’.

Looks like a fun map I’ll see if I can get some friends to play it tonight.

So my initial reaction when I read the title of the thread was “Oh I bet this is someones first map completely dev textured and consists of 4 rooms with some props oddly placed and textures misaligned”.

I think you could do better then “simple”. You got a really nice theme going and there are plenty of better sounding words then simple to describe it.

Using a thesaurus I came up with ttt_smooth and ttt_facile.

Thanks for the feedback. I don’t find either of those names as appealing, though. I don’t want to rename it at this point more importantly. If I ever make another map with a similar theme I’ll consider those.

Add me if you’d like and I’ll play with you when the time comes.

Good to see you are not doing the weird separation with the rearm script anymore =)
In my opinion this map looks really good, and it really isn’t “simple” in any way other than its looks xD
I will be putting this on my server tonight and seeing what the players think of it.
Good job!

Several days later I am still figuring out the secrets and easter eggs of this map.
I now know the order of the cubes for the cube room and what happens when they are placed there. I also figured out the door key system and which ones do things and which ones insult you.
But I still have no idea what the strange button does, or if the radios have any significance, or what the records do. There is so much left to figure out. Its captivating.

Great job, One of the best made maps I’ve ever seen.

Thank you! That was exactly the kind of experience that I was hoping for. I wish I knew better places to share my map though, it’s not very well known.

The button has something to do with the passing of moments. By the way, did you see the spectator course at the bottom of the map? With the melons.

Yeah, Everyone loves the course with the melons =)
Are they actual melons or custom props? They dont seem to be destroyable with guns and they have a wooden impact effect.

This map has been really popular with the players on my server, and I have been sharing the steam workshop link to anyone and everyone that takes an interest, as this map is awesome and I think more should know about it =)

Just melons that don’t take any damage.

That is fucking gorgeous, fantastic work!