I present TTT Space Street 67, inspired by Lt. Nugget’s 67th way! (Yes, the original)

Set in the distant future, humanity has travelled beyond the stars and inhabited earth like planets, unfortunately they never learned from their time on earth and still have to deal with the problems they faced there. We join the terrorists in a sub-urban street near a mining facility on one of the distant planets.

42 playerspawns
4 kinds of T trap!
A massive T room
A traitor tester
Evil transport truck
A few other things as well but I don’t recall off the top of my head



-snip, I’m dumb - refer to quote below if you care-

What’s so evil about the transport truck? Did it push a pregnant lady down the stairs or something?

How isn’t it? I made the map from scratch. (Granted I do actually have an edit of 67th I’ve made for my server but I got permission from the creator before I made it; but dear god the map is so badly made that it makes my eyes bleed). Have you even played the map or are you just going off the screenshots?

Always kills people and they get mad, quite funny when someone loses a T round to it.

You have got to be kidding me…[/t]

its definitely not a copy paste edit

imo the scale of rooms is too big in this map, walking to anything takes forever
cant really see it getting played a lot

They aren’t that big or far apart, quite fast rounds and the gameplay is good too.

Oh no, don’t dilute the reality of this with delusional thoughts on the whole ‘hey i made it this size, and i feel like that its right’ type of mentality.

But maybe that type of room size is perfect for the game flow. Its been a while since i played TTT.
Im not one for wait n watch simulators.

Also, your texturing is flat out horrendious. Is that a floor texture used as a roof? Why do you have parquet wood floors, outside??? Not only does this breaks immersion, it looks like shit.

I’m not going on any mentality, that is from constant playtesting. I’m better at doing good gameplay rather than making things look nice. I was intending on changing some of the “off” textures, like the 2 you mentioned. This was made for a competition so didn’t have as much time as I’d like on it. I am still working on the map though, mostly making things look better, small fixes and a few other things.

Just checked this out with a friend- I really like the layout, it’s well made, and the design surrounding the T tester and the teleporting out of it was really well done to prevent gassing people with no chance to escape a T who teleports out of the tester.

That said, the oven traps seem a little strong as a fire-and-forget trap, maybe they should only activate for a 90 second period with a 90 second cooldown if they don’t explode an innocent?

nice 2 month bump.