TTT_TheAgency_b1 (Beta)


The Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), sometimes referred to as ‘The Agency’, has existed since the late 1940’s. They’re head quarters is located in Langley Virginia, where the organization has a surprising level of public transparency. This map contains two floors (an office area, and a bunker/lab) with a teleporter and a traitor tester. A bit of advise, read the signs! The teleporter and elevator (located behind the front desk) take people to and from the bunker, which is secured by a large steel blast door.

Radiation room. (Teleport location).

Looks nice, though we don’t get much to see from the screenshots you provided.

Main qualms now, and they are things that keep coming up:

  • Use of props doesn’t always fit the room. The teleporter and the traitor tester could look better by making interesting brushwork and incorporating in props.

  • Floor textures are still being used on doors, walls and ceilings. As i said, (several times) some concrete floors look alright on the ceiling, but most of the metal ones look bad. On the subject of that, try not to use combine textures on pre combine buildings. For edging, look at the grey metalwall texture, or the truss textures.

  • You have some doors that are z-fighting when opened. You should be adding a lip in of at least 1.

  • The glass door is z-fighting when it is closed. To stop this, all sides must be nodraw expect those that you can see.

  • Some doors (such as the glass door) have buttons, yet you can open them by walking into them.

  • The bunker door, when you open it extends another 16 units or so beneath the haz stripe. I have a sneaking suspicion you don’t actually know how to apply a specific texture to a face and have just been covering entire blocks with the same texture. Use the texture application to apply textures to a face.

-The signs are still dubious. One reads “danger: explosives” and inside its a gun range. It’s too short for explosives to be safely used, so why is the sign there?

  • The trigger hurt on the barrels is too severe for the door you are using. If you really are storing radioactive waste in leaking barrels beneath a government facility, at least put in heavy doors, and brace the inside of the room.

  • Some areas are suspiciously empty, i have never seen such a clean and tidy storage room.

What’s Z-fighting?

I have got a better Idea for the radioactive room, two sets of those doors, so it air locks you in, and when the doors shut, steam sprays in (water) and cleans you.

Z-fighting is when two textures are overlapping and causes them to flicker between one and the other.